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IPT targets the treatment of a cell by changing the bio-physio-chemical constants and parameters of the blood. This pathway initially attacks the cancerous cell itself through its intra-cellular environment and extra-cellular environment by permeabilizing the cell membrane via insulin.

IPT is a targeted therapy for cancer and chronic disease; the power of chemotherapy is directed only to cancer cells and not a patient’s entire body. In addition, the chemo is delivered at a fraction of the normal dose. This approach eliminates or significantly reduces the dreaded side-effects of conventional chemo. IPTLD annihilates cancer cells by employing the very same mechanisms that cancer cells utilize to kill people.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sabina Wurmbrand,her IPTLD treatment story of success

A special patient: Sabina Wurmbrand. Her IPTLD treatment story from 2000

I tend to focus on cases where IPTLD has relieved the symptoms of a chronic illness, or even brought it to an end; or cases where IPTLD has helped obtain a complete remission from a life-threatening disease, and given the patient years more to live.

But IPTLD does not always succeed in these ways. Some gravely ill patients under the care of an IPT doctor do die. For these patients, IPTLD can be used to relieve pain, and to palliate the symptoms of a terminal illness, adding increased quality to the last few days or weeks of life, and perhaps postponing the end. And the case of Mrs. Sabina Wurmbrand provides a more recent example.

Mrs. Wurmbrand was a well-known and beloved evangelist who worked for many years to aid persecuted Christians worldwide, and especially in Communist countries behind the Iron Curtain, where she was born. She wrote a bestselling book, The Pastor's Wife.

On 5/26/00 she was found to have inoperable liver and stomach cancer. Her doctors estimated that she had two months to live. Her doctors offered little hope, and could offer little help other than chemotherapy, which might reduce tumor size slightly, while risking drastic side effects.

Her health worsened over the following days, bringing her very near death more than once. One doctor suggested letting her dehydrate and die, as, in his opinion, her case was hopeless. Her son, Michael Wurmbrand, refused to accept this pronouncement, and did whatever he could, searching the Internet for helpful information. He found out about insulin potentiation therapy through the internet. The family took her to Tijuana on 6/12/00, and she began a series of IPT treatments on 6/19/00. Her initial response was positive, dramatic, and immediate. Over the next weeks, she enjoyed much quality time with friends and family, as her condition alternately improved and worsened. Finally, she died on 8/11/00.

On 8/7/00, just four days before she died, Michael Wurmbrand wrote me the following email:

Dear Mr. Duffield:

.... I have no idea for how long more my mother could live. I brought her only two days away from sure death. In fact an American doctor , whom I asked for IV and offered to pay for it, said to me two nights before seeing Dr. Donato, that he does not prescribe futile treatments, so wait two more days without hydration and it is over. Now two months and a half passed and I enjoyed my mother being meaningfully alive and had the pleasure to meet Dr. Donato Garcia Perez with his wonderfully engaging personality. Even if this time is all that IPT offered us I am satisfied it is a true alternative of cancer treatment. I would urge you, if you have the time to bug to no end the Webmasters at the FDA Quackwatch and other similar sites to list this alternative treatment even with all negative warnings. This is because I discovered IPT totally by chance, looking for something else regarding insulin growth hormone factor, etc. and not looking for an alternate cancer treatment. Anyhow, I hope it does obtain in the States and worldwide the publicity it deserves and your dedicated work will be rewarded with some recognition. From myself many thanks to you personally for making your site available to he world. Also a word of thanks to Dr. SGA who took the time to talk to me over the phone and foremost for his serious research and extensive discussion of IPT, without which I would not have had the courage to go and meet with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia.

Michael Wurmbrand

On 8/25/00, Dr. Perez Garcia 3 wrote me the following email, giving the doctor's perspective:
I am very sad with Sabina Wurmbrand's death. After taking care of her for 2 months and seeing her passing away, it also affected me emotionally. I took my family to meet her.

When Michael Wurmbrand called me and told me about his mother, I did not want to treat her. He insisted, and drove her to my office. They arrived when I was giving the IPT training seminar to Dr. Aldren and Dr. George. I even told the two doctors that here was an example, that a patient arriving in a stretcher is not a candidate for IPT.

She waited for 2 or 3 hours before I was free to interview her. After talking with Sabina, for some reason that I did not understand, later I assumed it was God, I accepted to take her as a patient. But I told Michael that I could not promise anything, that I would do my best effort, and we would see what would happen.

Before doing IPT on her, I told Michael that his mother should be stabilized, and probably having her in a hospital would help. He agreed with me. This is something that I have never done in the past, and there is no record from any of the past Donatos of this being recommended. I was touched by something and I was about to treat a nice lady who enchanted my heart and my soul.

I did not know who Sabina Wurmbrand was until two weeks later. At that time I realized that the hands of God touched me and made me accept to treat her to make her last days on Earth as comfortable as possible.

When the first IPT was given, she began to improve and feel better. She had 9 IPT treatments, and she improved greatly. But I know I am not God, and there are times when even if I wish, I cannot change the course of life. I have the impression that everyone around Sabina waited for a miracle. I really wish I could have delivered a miracle, but at the end the miracle came because I learned from her the meaning of love, and the importance of always blessing and thanking God for what we are and have.

I am also sure that many of the thousands of people who prayed for her saw the miracle of being united around her, wishing her the best, and helping us to understand the greatness of God's work, LIFE.

I am sure that something happened in my office when I saw Sabina for the first time, because before that I was determined to refuse her as my patient due to her condition. I had a very powerful desire to follow what I told my pupils to do, to refuse to do what in the past I have never accepted. But with Sabina I broke my own rules. What I felt without knowing who she was is a sensation that I never had before. I only did my very best effort as a medical doctor. I just gave her the attention I give to all my patients, not knowing if they are public or famous people.

I know that IPTLD helped to make Sabina feel better, because her disease when she arrived at my office was fatal. I think she was dying in my office.

Well, I could say more. But I did my very best effort with Sabina, as I do with all my patients. Some patients think that I have superpowers, etc. But I am a human, a regular human with emotions too.
Dr.Donato Pérez García,M.D.

For all those who directly or indirectly were acquainted with Sabina Wurmbrand

From her son, Michael Wurmbrand

From an Email sent on January 2009.
Through the goodwill and dedication of friends in Romania I received, 200 sheets copied double sided, or 400 pages, typed at one line out of the former Romanian communist secret police files, describing the secret police surveillance of our family during the years 1963 and 1964. At that time there was a great period of detente between the Communists and the West and even inside Romania, the population seemed less terrorized by the communists as the Romanian communist government was in discussions to obtain large loans from the United States. These pages confirm black on white, what at the time we could suspect only, that many of those visiting us were informers of the secret police. Now regretfully I found out over 80% of them.

The communist secret police however was not made up necessarily of very bright or most educated individuals but for sure they were very conscientious ones. In the Romanian language, unlike in English, the nouns, pronouns, declensions and conjugations are differentiated by gender. To prevent identification, the police would give masculine monikers to female informants for example. However during the recorded conversations they would show slips of tongue where the masculine designated person would be addressed as a "she" or the "he" would refer to "my husband," etc. From these documents, I realize only now how close we all were, due to underground Christian work of which the police was keenly aware, to be thrown in a communist jail.

The secret police desired at any price to find some reason to re-arrest my mother, Sabina Wurmbrand. There are lots of informative notes, but I thought one of these is worth describing, so it remains for history. The communist secret police tried hard to influence an informant, close acquaintance of ours, to produce of her own accord an informative note, according to ideas suggested by the communist police officer. The suggestion was that my mother having the intent to kill, had placed repeatedly very fine grounded glass in the food which she cooked daily for a very old crippled lady who happened to live in the same tiny attic rooms where we also lived in three small former storage rooms. The motive to kill this elderly lady would have been that this woman allegedly witnessed a man visiting my mother for the purpose of having a love affair. As ground glass was not available commercially, the secret police needed to produce some "logical" proof that my mother would have prepared and placed this glass dust in the food. Though it sounds incredible, the secret police officer asked the informant to describe how my mother has big hands and since she was a woman of a small stature, what better proof than the fact that her hands became so big and strong from having to train daily in grinding glass! It sounds bizarre but it is there for anyone to read. My mother did indeed have large, strong hands because the years she spent in the labor camps building the DanubeCanal, loading and unloading, shoveling gravel in boxcars.

Fortunately for us and by God's grace, we were so lucky, since the informer when asked by the secret police to visit us as often as possible, so she can come up with details in the write-up, replied to the communist officer that such a scheme would never work against Sabina Wurmbrand because she is well known and all those who know her would consider the scheme so out of character and impossible to believe, moreover such a plan would risk blowing the informant's cover, rendering the informant unusable for other tasks and would easily be labeled a communist secret police lie. So the informant suggested the secret police think of a more plausible scheme.

Some reports of informants are typed at one line, 16 pages long. The amount of work, time used but also clunky typewriters and ribbons defy imagination. Especially when one considers that over 1.5 million such individual folders containing millions of pages have been generated from the archives of the communist secret police. Also among these pages received there are reports from at least 8 different informers who were prepped and sent specifically with the task to start a discussion with my mother about the American President at that time, Lyndon Johnson and report back any favorable opinion Sabina Wurmbrand might express about America, the US President or any unfavorable expression defavorable to communism. All of them in their own words complain that Sabina Wurmbrand could not possibly be a sincere person since while the discussion was opened on American political subjects; Sabina opened the Bible which was by her bed and started a Bible study on Abraham or some other Biblical character. The informers excused themselves not having had time to sit through a Bible study. Even informers were caught in this perverse net from which they did not know how to extricate themselves.

Most such informative reports show having been read by 3-4 higher-ups in the secret police, each one adding acknowledgements or more spying suggestions. For instance one of the informers explains how he could not visit Mrs. Wurmbrand at the hour he was supposed to because on the street he met by chance some odd acquaintance, named Maria and she kept the informer in the street in a conversation, thus delaying the visit. One of the upper echelon officers notes asks for this "Maria's" last name to be researched, how come she detracted the informer from the visit, how come no additional plot, like Sabina having sent Maria to delay the informer's visit, would be suspected?
I wrote this account to make you think how many of these communist police "geniuses," even now that these formerly communist countries are considered free of communism, have arrived to positions of influence and power. The fact that I am able even to write this story shows how God's grace abounds. It is said of Saint Athanasius that in a dream he saw the devil knitting a very fine eyed mesh or net and in desperation cried, "Oh Lord! Who could ever escape from such?" A voice from heaven answered him, "the humble!" So was my mother. In this first month of the New Year I wish you all a blessed Happy New Year.

January 2, 2009

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