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Breast tumor Remission. Patient Testimonial. Yes it is possible a cure with Dr. Donato & IPTLD

I no longer have a tumor in my left breast. 
A true story. July 19, 2016.

I'm Alize and I want to share my story. I realized that since 1999 I started to notice that my left breast had a slight feeling of heaviness. I decided to only change my diet and take some herbal remedies. This discomfort remained unchanged until July 2015 at that time it was a more intense heaviness and swelling of the left breast was added. I went to visit my doctor, he recommended to have more tests done. A biopsy in August 7, 2015 reported that I had infiltrating ductal carcinoma in the left breast.

On September 9, 2015  a PET Scan showed the tumor in the left breast (see photography a yellow red spot in the chest, red circle to show where the tumor was). In fear for my life, as I was told by the oncologist, I accepted to start with standard chemotherapy treatment under the professional care of this traditional oncologist. The first round went wrong, I felt terrible, I had a severe reaction that my life was endangered, they stopped the administration of the drugs. I did not tolerated and decided not to continue with traditional chemotherapy by the end of September of 2015. Next thing to do was to resume natural therapies, substances, vitamin C and other supplements that I was told to try. Although I felt some relief in the breast, the swelling and inflammation did not improve and the tumor started to feel bigger. Yes I was afraid. In early December of 2015 I was told to seek the opinion of a medical doctor in Mexico with a 33 year experience in a targeted medical treatment that has helped many patients. So I went ahead and first visited his website ( and decided to try, why not, nothing to lose and no other choices to follow. 

The first consultation he gave me was on January 8, 2016 where he reviewed my case and my physical condition. It was not until February 4, 2016 that he could give me the first appointment to begin treatment. I followed his instructions, took all his prescription medicines, received his IV targeted low dose chemotherapy or IPTLD with minimal side effects, all well tolerated, no hair loss, no nausea. Of course I had my doubts, I heard unfavorable comments. I thought I would have to end up in an operating room to have a mastectomy feeling mutilated, but if this treatment did not work for me it is my life. I did not expect to see my doctor to be supervising my treatments, listening to me, was a good experience because I felt this doctor cares yes Dr. Donato Perez Garcia was always overseeing my treatment and on Friday 24 of June 2016 it was the last treatment he administered to me. He said you need to schedule and appointment to have your 2nd PET Scan to assess the outcome of  my IPT/IPTLD treatment. On July 19, 2016 they gave me the PET Scan results. I am going to keep my left breast, no need for a surgical intervention and yes, there is no tumor in the left breast. 

It seems incredible, tears of emotion, tears of joy and gratitude to Dr Donato Perez Garcia. I know I'm not your first patient in remission there are many and from around the earth (no exaggeration) I feel happy, I got my life back. In his website I read the story of another if his patients Annie B. and I never thought that I would be in the same situation, cancer free, breast preserved, got my life and emotions back. Thank you Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD. Below are the PET Scan from September 2015 and from July 2016. Inside the red circle a yellow red spot, the tumor as it looked in September of 2015 and an empty red circle in July of 2016. It is real, it's true and it works.

 This is my PET Scan from September 9, 2015, inside the red circle a bright yellow/red spot is seen, this is the tumor my cancer.

Images approved to be made public by the patient.

 This is my recent PET Scan from July 19, 2016, inside of the red circle no spot can be seen, I no longer have a tumor, my cancer is now in remission. Thanks to Doctor Donato Perez Garcia, MD and his IPT treatment a targeted chemotherapy protocol that delivers chemo drugs just inside of the cancerous cells. This is true. Here is the evidence that in 5 months I recovered my life, my happiness, my joy and not mutilated. This therapy is targeting chemotherapy to the cancer cells.

July 19, 2016

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Yes. It is possible.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Monday, July 4, 2016

Annie B. True Story


Annie B. True story

Dr. Donato, quite simply, saved my life! I will always be grateful to him, he will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will never be able to repay him.
I was diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer on Friday the 13th of July 2001, after a biopsy of a swollen lymph node. Because they found it in my lymphatic system, I was automatically at least stage II, with metastatic breast cancer as my diagnosis. The doctor immediately booked me for a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation, starting the following Tuesday. Because I have a dysfunctional immune syndrome as well as several other immune-related diseases, I knew that I had to be careful about what I did to, and put into, my body. After extensive research that weekend, I came to the conclusion that traditional surgery, chemo and radiation would kill me. I decided to try alternative treatments.
I did research and found IPT. I was so excited when I read about this gentle yet effective therapy: kind to the patient, tough on the cancer. It was also important to me that it had been used successfully against cancer for decades.
The doctors found, during further tests, that I had lesions in my brain and my lungs. When I told my doctors about my decision to do IPT instead of conventional, they predicted that I would be dead within six months.

I searched the existing database on for a doctor near me in Austin, Texas. However, because the website and database were a volunteer effort by one overworked researcher, they were not up-to-date; the doctors listed near me were no longer in practice. Also, because the therapy was still considered “experimental” (even after 70 years in existence and 40 years of use as a successful cancer therapy), my insurance would not pay for any of the treatments. With the overhead of U.S. medical practices, the treatments were more than I could afford.

I decided to call the grandson of the inventor and the most experienced IPT practitioner, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia III, in Tijuana, Mexico. I was used to the lead-time for appointments in the U.S. being several weeks, so he surprised me when he informed me that he could evaluate my case as soon as I could get there. When I asked how long after that I would have to wait for treatment, should he decide to accept me as a patient, he said he could do a treatment the same day as evaluation, if he thought he could help me! The added value was that the overhead is much lower in Mexico, so I could actually imagine affording the treatments.

I made my appointment for later that week. I made both airline and hotel reservations, and I gathered my medical records. The email that Dr. Donato had sent me gave me explicit instructions and directions, so I felt fairly comfortable. I had heard stories about the border cities in Mexico, so I was somewhat concerned, but, again, Dr. Donato put me at ease. 
When I got to Dr. Donato’s office, I was pleasantly surprised to find an office that looked just like any other doctor’s office. The receptionist spoke fluid English, and I was soon shown into Dr. Donato’s office. He spoke with me for a long time, examined my records, and then said he thought he could help me. He asked if I would like to have my first treatment. Having hoped for that eventuality, I had fasted starting at midnight the night before: I was ready!

The treatments are easy and last about 2 hours. I am very comfortable; I usually read a book during the first part of the treatment. Dr. Donato is very available before, during, and after the treatment. He answers all questions and concerns.
The IPT treatments are very gentle. I never lost my hair, and I never got sick. The treatments made the cancer a non-event! I actually considered my treatment trips a mini-vacation! How many times have you heard a cancer patient say that?
I am now totally cancer-free, and all my scans are clear. I will never stop being grateful that I found IPT and Dr. Donato.
Yes. It is possible.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Madam Q. Testimony Breast Cancer Patient

First of all I want to thank God for inspiring Dr. Donato to uphold his family legacy.
This is not an easy task for him. I really admire him for his compassion and caring for his patients with the highest integrity. I’m now 50 years old and I’ve been to many doctors in my life time and I can say Dr. Donato is one of the most honest doctors I’ve ever met.

I am under treatment with Dr. Donato now for 8 months for my breast cancer, there are good moments and bad moments but I know that Dr. Donato is the right person to make me heal, the method that he uses does not make me ill, like nausea or loss of hair or any other side effects that one might experience with the traditional chemotherapy. I do have some body aches and pains but not from the chemo.

My journey through this dealing with cancer
I was diagnosed April 7th 2014 with stage 2 cancer, it caused quite a big blow to my psyche because I’m not the type of person that should get cancer. I’ve been taking care of myself of what should and shouldn’t do in terms of health, I’m very focused and clear in mind so with this news, it really just … my hole world just fell in front of me. At the time I didn’t know what to do, the doctors in USA are pushing towards surgery, chemo and radiation. I rapidly learned what this disease is all about and I wanted to find and alternative to these 3 methods, since these choices may harm the patient more than what they really help, so therefore I refuse to take all those treatments and search for holistic methods like herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, etc. Unfortunately my cancer was too agressive, nothing holistic that was shown to heal patients from their cancer would heal me, my cancer would keep growing and growing as the months went by. So I had to consider other methods, other alternative methods in treating cancer and there are many out there like oxygen therapy and all the other ones., hyperthermia and UV therapy (I don’t know what else there called) and I’ve decided to do Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) because I feel that IPT has a longer track record and a very vanguard method.
So my search for the right IPT doctor to perform this, lead me to Dr. Donato. By the time I went to see him at his office in Mexico, in march 31st of 2015, my cancer had spread to stage 4. By then, the pain became more and more severe, I could not even walk or do any type of shores because the level of pain (a level 10).

When I started treatment with Dr. Donato my pain began to subside, I was able to walk like a normal person, however after 3 months of treatment my cancer continued to grow, and this time it’s restricting my range of motion and causing the edema in my arm. And again the pain returned and my intake of pain medication also tripled. And yet, it does not relief the pain.

“The techniques that he and his family developed is considered world class medicine and I don’t understand why doctors in the USA do not want to adopt this type of methodology. If there was a safer less harmful way to heal the patient, that should be adopted with no reservation”.

HOW DO I DEAL WITH THE PAIN? I deal with the pain, sleeping it off, or walk or just sit up, and plead to God to help me and be strong, and to overcome this unavoidable experience. The initial pain before treatment was from the cancer spreading, this pain after/during treatment is caused by the breakdown of the tumor. So I just have to remind myself that I am healing and this pain will diminish as the tumor shrinks.

This process is not fast, and I leave that, if one does have a positive outlook every day, one can overcome this torturous… something…feeling?

I have full faith and confidence in Dr. Donato’s work, and will continue to get treatments from him until I am cancer free. In the mean while I will have to find other alternatives to killing my pain.

Spiritually I’ve became more calm, and being able to detach myself, knowing that if for any reason my journey on earth should end, I will be at peace with that.  I do not know what God’s plans are for me, and why I should be experiencing this type of “path”. So I will have to be patient and take it day by day until he reviews his-her intention.

Evaluate every method carefully, don’t rush yourself into a method that perhaps may not be right for you. I was willing to wait until stage 4 before I took action, cancer will not kill you so quickly, you have time to evaluate all options and the most important thing is finding a doctor that will listen to you, your concerns and who is not looking at how deep your pocket is but a doctor that really cares about your survival.
Cancer patients do go through very tough times, sometimes they don’t even show you, because they want to be strong in front of you. Be kind and gentle and give as much financial and emotional support to heal the patient as much as possible. With an illness as cancer, expenses will be overwhelmingly high, expect that.

I believe that we are all here for a purpose and our journey—our goal in life should be attaining happiness, and it’s that simple.  Everything you do every day, just ask yourself if you are happy today. There are people who make life very complicated, and shouldn’t have to be that way. Pull yourself away from your daily living, ignore things that are considered bad to you, pull yourself away as if you where dealing your situation through a TV screen; things are happening in front of you but through a TV screen and that’s how you can detach from the situation. For instance if someone where to scream at you, your reactions would be to defend yourself and instead of doing that you would stand back and look at this person and ask yourself why is this person so angry? Did this person went through a bad day? And that’s why he yells at me and when you train yourself to not be reactive then slowly you will have clarity of mind under stressful situations.

And know that this will not be the only lifetime living, there are some religions that say you don’t have another life time and it spreads fear among the people it does not matter what religion you believe in, but if you adopt some ideology that will give you peace of mind, that will give you the goal to be living and eventually dying is to attain certain teachings and as I said again, the final goal for us humans, is to learn how to live a happy life, despite of whatever is going on around us.

I hope my testimony helps.
Madam Q.

Yes. It is possible.
IPT Medical Team of Donato Pérez García, MD

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





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