Insulin Potentiation Therapy was initially developed by my grandfather, Donato Pérez García, Sr. M.D.
IPT targets the treatment of a cell by changing the bio-physio-chemical constants and parameters of the blood. This pathway initially attacks the cancerous cell itself through its intra-cellular environment and extra-cellular environment by permeabilizing the cell membrane via insulin.

IPT is a targeted therapy for cancer and chronic disease; the power of chemotherapy is directed only to cancer cells and not a patient’s entire body. In addition, the chemo is delivered at a fraction of the normal dose. This approach eliminates or significantly reduces the dreaded side-effects of conventional chemo. IPTLD annihilates cancer cells by employing the very same mechanisms that cancer cells utilize to kill people.

IPTLD® a Registered Trademark by Donato Perez Garcia,MD
Copyright ©1930-2017 Donato Perez Garcia.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lucinda’s Testimony

Hi, my name is Lucinda Tosi, I’m an american but was raised in Costa Rica and Peru. I have ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis. I heard about this therapy over 15 years by internet and I thought is was very “sane-logical” the use of insulin to potentiate the chemo delivery system to the cancer cell, using less chemotherapy that what is traditionally used, much much less. It is a very nice and pleasant experience, except the struggle with the cancer itself. My diet has changed so much, zero sugar (that’s been really hard) and wheat, red meats and few saturated fats, few dairy, but mostly the sugar has been very difficult. In my opinion, doctor Donato is such sweet person, does me good just to see him every day, he answers all my questions, he treats me like a real person both him and the chemo has helped me so much. I could only be here for 4 weeks, now I have to go back to Costa Rica, maybe have surgery, maybe traditional chemos, I still don’t know, or if I may return to Tijuana, it is complicated for me to come to Tijuana. I recommend Hospital Angeles it is a neat place, I do recommend it, and this therapy. Thank you.

IPT Medical Team of
Donato Perez Garcia, MD.
Hospital Angeles Tijuana

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Did you know ...?
* The inventor of IPT® was a skillful surgeon in Obstetrics gynecology and urology.
* He first injected himself with insulin in 1930, as an experiment to cure him from a lifelong gastrointestinal illness that almost killed him.
* In 1930, he cured his first patient from syphilis using IPT®.
* His work at the San Diego Naval Hospital earned him an article on the April 10th 1944 edition of TIME Magazine.
* In 1946 he successfully treated, for the very first time, a cancer patient, achieving full remission.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Back in those days, oncology was an inexistent specialty in medicine. The first research done on nitrogen mustard for the treatment of leukemia was done in the USA by the year 1946.
Dr. Sidney Farber, from the School of Medicine in Harvard applied methotrexate and folic acid on a patient with Leukemia and achieved his remission.

At that time, Dr. Farber was criticized and ridiculed for this attempt. Years after, he was given credit for being the creator of chemotherapy.

* During Dr. Donato’s medical trajectory with IPT®, he too was criticized and ridiculed for his idea. Even his two descendants, Dr.Donato Jr. and Son, where subject to that rejection, for bringing forth a treatment that was unheard of but proved to have good medical response.

* Back in those days, curing gastric ulcers with something other than surgery was seen as “quackery”, Donato cured this condition using IPT®, bismuth and sulfa salts. He was criticized by the medical society, stating that no such thing could be cured just using a syringe. By 1991 the bacteria H.Pylori was then discovered to be the cause of most of the gastric ulcers.

* Donato used insulin before lunch every day, for the rest of his life, and enjoyed good health. He was a non-diabetic.

CONCLUSION: Every distinguished inventor who brought new ideas and methods to those commonly known, has been rejected and criticized by colleagues and public at that time. Only continuous proof of efficiency and MUCH MUCH TIME, will come to prove his success and acceptance. Just because it is unheard of, doesn’t mean it’s untrue or inefficient. IPT® has also suffered this kind of rejection, till this very day. Yet for over 80 years of existence, anecdotal testimonies show that it has persistently proven to cure many illnesses and medical conditions, in a non-traditional way.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Cellular “Hack” with IPTLD

Cancer is the apparition of one o more abnormal cells in a healthy tissue, that will begin to grow until forming a mass called tumor.

This cancer cell apparition in a healthy tissue causes the release of chemical substances that the body will interpret as “damage”. This chemical information prepares the defense mechanism to send help; releasing immune cells, forming new blood vessels to help with repair, starting a protective process for the infiltrated tissue caused by cancer cells.

Many cancer drugs used to treat this anomaly are mostly tested in a lab, on animals or patients with a highly developed cancer, that may not always be the case of the patient that’s being treated. This can ultimately weaken the immune system and the dosages used are too elevated. Administering this medication is no guarantee that it will penetrate into the malignant cells, it may also affect healthy cells and the process can be prolonged, with very aggressive side effects for most patients.

There is a better way of administering this  anti cancer medication, it is possible to “hack” the cancer cell’s membrane, opening a door into the damaged cell and administrating less dosage of the drug. The “hacking” method is called Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose or IPTLD. It’s done in a natural way using insulin properties that, when knowing how to manipulate, may target only cancer cells, opening their membrane and in just the right moment, releasing the medication that will eventually eliminate them, and with that, the malignant tumor.

Cell membrane “hack” is possible, it’s called Insulin Potentiation Therapy.
To read more, visit: www.iptldmd.com

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The skin as a therapeutic absorbent

The skin is an absorbent organ of nutrients, medicines and essential oils that can be used with therapeutic purposes.

The skin absorbs many chemicals, such as hormones and analgesics. The use of essential oils to therapeutic advantage isn’t something new, nor magical. Reports on  the use of essential oils on the skin date over 3,565 years ago.

The use myrrh, for example, is extracted from the cortex of a tree named Commiphora Myrrha (Africa, Arabia and Turkey) is documented in Egypcian Papyrus where physicians would spread them on wounds and heal. Romans used myrrh extract to prevent wine from turning to vinegar (elimination the Acetobacter bacteria). 

In the XVII century, bacteria is discovered by Leeuwenhoek and in 1860 Pasteur discovers that bacteria are the main cause for infections. In 1920 the Australian chemist Arthur Penforl published an article on the In Vitro use of Tea Tree Oil extract as an antimicrobial and treated infected wounds on soldiers. Only until 1930 is penicillin used for infections.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and trees. Throughout 1564 and 1937 many studies on oil therapy where made mostly in Europe, yet many do not believe in it’s full medicinal potential, what can be stated is that the skin absorbs the substance and locates the source of alteration in the body, whether it’s infectious or inflammatory, etc.

I’d prefer for a patient to use essential oil therapy for arthritis pain, based on laurel, black pepper, cinnamon, clove bud, chamomile, ginger, juniper, mint and thyme floral extracts rather thank a gel/ream based on diclofenac. The concomitant use of essential oils during IPT/IPTLD is a complementary therapy allied in the healing process.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


How good is it to go on diet with no carbohydrates, if you have cancer?
Our body requires nutrition that contains balanced quantities of carbohydrates, fat and protein. If we stop consuming carbs, the body will produce them based on fat and protein reserve. So at the end, this “transformed product” is not an original and will cause deficiencies in all the new tissue formation.

By using fat and protein reserves to produce carbohydrates, our body stops reacting adequately, there is a sign that says “reduce the processes”, and looses even more body weight, causing the immune system to not function properly. Carbohydrates are the fuel that normal and cancer cells need to function.

Yes, we need to consume carbs derived from natural foods; fruit, vegetable and grains, avoiding at all cost those which come from processed foods, which are the one’s that truly cause unbalance and contribute to the development of the cancer.

Nutrition and diets programs are not for curing, the help prevent and help the body recover from an illness, as well as keeping the body in proper condition.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015



How very easy it is to proclaim your self a “medical critic” and think you can rule a lifetime legacy as “quackery”. These ignorant “critics” do a couple of Google searches, a few hour research on an 8-decade tradition and actually believe they are experts in the theme.
What a truly pathetic existence they must have.

The good name of my grandfather and my father have been under attack for decades now, attack on my protocol “Insulin Potentiation Therapy” and this will be tolerated no more.

Quackery Cowards Come Out!
Quackery Cowards Robert Baratz,
Quackery Coward Jonathan Jones, come out!
They have been attacking my lifetime work and placing doubt over the effectiveness of IPT©- IPTLD® with no solid foundation, except non-medical opinions. But these are the “low blows” of a coward, who attacks behind comfortable desks and think they can undo a lifetime achievement from a laptop and steal a life saving treatment to cancer patients.

The testimony of IPT©- IPTLD® s effectiveness is living and breathing in every cancer patient that lives today in remission, beating in every healthy patient worldwide who overcame cancer when no other doctor gave them hope. IPT©- IPTLD® is hope and mere verbal attacks from you ignorant selfish people, who have no courage to tell it to my face, can undo. My office is open for discussion with you “Quackery Cowards” and dare to say these things to my face. I am not hiding like you are.

Unlike you people, I do have moral standards and courage to fight my opponents out in the open. I do not hide behind comfortable desks, I don’t offend or attack other professional’s based on Google searches and post whatever comes to mind. You are dealing with human lives, and they have the right to know TRUTH, and the TRUTH is that IPT©- IPTLD® is a successful alternative cancer treatment, proven for decades to save patients lives. The theoretical proof is here in my office, if you want it, come and get it! Stop tainting my family’s good name and stop poisoning peoples mind with LIES, take a stand and come out you Cowards! You’ve done enough damage. Think you know more about IPT? PROVE IT!

Office 505 Medical Tower – Hospital Angeles Tijuana
Be my guest.

Donato Pérez García, MD.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dr. Donato's Special Guest at the KAT JAMES Show

Dr. Donato stars as special guest in the KAT JAMES show.

Kat James’ fast-paced new radio show comes to life with living snapshots of unfolding, dramatic transformation, straight from her acclaimed Total Transformation® programs and from her award-winning bestseller, The Truth About Beauty. Featuring leading experts and maverick pioneers, Kat’s show promises unprecedented living inspiration and cut-to-the-chase solutions to today’s most pressing health, quality-of-life, anti-aging, body image, and beauty concerns.

Click the link below:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

日本での IPT

 Donato療法と言われていたもので、約85年ほど前にメキシコの軍医Donato Perez Garcia ,Sr.(1896-1971)によってDonato療法として始められたものです。
 最初は栄養補給とヒ素による梅毒治療が主でしたが、米国で息子のDonato Perez Garcia Belon, Jr.(1930-2000)とカナダ人Dr. Steven G Ayreによって研究、論文発表がなされ、世界に広がっていきました。
 現在、孫のDonato Perez Garciaによって継承され、癌治療や難治性感染症等の治療に利用されています


  1. 治療方法と抗癌剤決定の為、今までの治療経過がわかる資料、紹介状、レントゲン写真、検査データ等をできるだけ持参し、カウンセリングに来ていただきます。
  2. 治療開始が決まれば効果判定に必要な為、当院で採血、CT、レントゲン、PET検査等受けていただき、注射、開始日を決め、スタートします。
  3. 外来で治療できます。朝食をとらないで、軽食をもって来院します。
    血糖を測定し、インシュリン量を計算してインシュリンを注射し、点滴を開始します。therapeutic momentと言われるところで、少量の抗癌剤を何種類か注射します。糖分の入った抗癌作用のあるその他の薬剤を入れてある点滴を開始し、朝食を食べて、 点滴が終了したら血糖を測定し、問題ないことを確認し、帰っていただきます。
    何の抗癌剤の副作用のつらさもなく、帰宅できます。病状にもよりますが、原則として最初 は週2回注射し、3週間計6回打ち、以後は週1回注射し続け、2ヶ月前後で効果判定し、同じ抗癌剤で継続するかを検討します。初期で癌が消え、腫瘍マー カーが正常になればやめます。また末期癌で、癌が消えず大きさが抑えられ、腫瘍マーカーも抑えられた共存状態の場合は週1回を継続し、経過良好の場合は注 射の間隔を延ばして継続していきます。

Yes, IPT in Japan

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Timing of cancer chemotherapy using IPTLD® is crucial for the success of treatment. By Donato Perez Garcia, MD (IPT/IPTLD® Professor)

Timing of cancer chemotherapy using IPTLD® is crucial for the success of treatment. By Donato Perez Garcia, MD (IPT/IPTLD® Professor)

Back in the year 1980, R. North an immunologist from the Trudeau Institute in New York and colleagues were able to produce immune cycling with tumor regression by directing chemotherapy to immune suppressor cells. He also reported that if chemotherapy was given at the wrong day and earlier, it will not work, instead the tumor will grow faster and will give the impression that the tumor was resistant to the chemotherapy drug. (Science Magazine,May 2010).

While several of the IPT doctors I have trained on Insulin Potentiation Therapy  (IPT)  and some patients who have a cancer recurrence are concerned with finding which chemotherapy drug will work best I tell them that to have a successful treatment of cancer depends on the accurate timing of delivering chemotherapy to match the fluctuation in each patient's immune system.

Not all cancer patients are cured by surgery, radiotherapy, biological therapies, alternative treatments, standard high dose chemotherapy or even low dose chemo. Some patients achieve a complete regression, others do not respond and others appear to have some level of clinical response.

Traditional cancer therapies affect some cancer cells but also normal cells and produce the well known side effects.

Today my Insulin Potentiation Therapy +Targeted Low Dose chemotherapy has been taking advantage of the immune system cycle using it regulatory mechanism by enhancing selectively the T cells in a cycle specific manner due to the actions of the insulin that acts as a modifier of the cell biologic response.
Since Donato Perez Garcia,MD (1896-1971) the inventor on this treatment for cancer and chronic degenerative diseases started to treat patients, he set the treatment appointments for every 7 days, this was back in the year 1930 for chronic degenerative diseases and in 1946 for cancer. He noted that patients had very good responses when they received their chemotherapy every 7 days. It was the time when observation and good clinical judgment played an important factor. His observations came to scientific support until the year 2009 when a team of Medical Doctors (Coventry,Ashdown,Quinn,Markovic,Yatomi-Clarke & Robinson) from  Department of Surgery & Tumor Immunology Laboratory, University of Adelaide, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide South Australia identified the homeostatic immune oscillations in cancer patients that CRP a protein indicated. This CRP is associated with inflammation and the activation of the immune system. (Journal of Translational Medicine 2009,7:102)

To my patients treated here in Tijuana,Baja California this means that they are receiving their chemotherapy protocol on the correct day, achieving the disruption of the regulatory circuits that protect the tumor cells.  With my IPTLD protocol my patients are also taking advantage of the induced and controlled hyperthermia that insulin produces and it is well known that a high body temperature also helps in the fight against cancer.
I started to treat cancer and chronic degenerative disease patients back in 1983 and during these 28 years or clinical practice I have seen several cancer patients that were initially treated with standard chemotherapy, responded well but later developed a cancer recurrence. Several of these patients who developed a metastases or recurrence were told that  they build chemo resistance. When I started to treat them using the low dose insulin that acts as a modifier of the cell biologic response with the same chemo drugs they received as their first treatment they all had a good response. No need to mention that the Greek test to detect chemotherapeutic drugs sensitivity was not available.
Conclusion it is more important to deliver your chemotherapy drug combination on the right time and day to match your immune system activity . It is a good help to know which drugs "can" "maybe" work by means of a chemo sensitivity test but definitely it is not critical to your treatment, because when the drugs are given on the right time and day the response is going to be a success.

SKYPE: 619-798-8017

Office (Tijuana,BC.Mexico): +51-664-635-1827

Tuesday, February 24, 2015



A truly remarkable recognition for a lifetime of professional trajectory, helping patients worldwide, promoting high quality standards in his field, helping build a better humane development.   

The Global Quality Foundation has awarded Donato Pérez García, the International Award “Global Quality Gold” in the Elite category, recognized as “Man of High Leadership 2015”. In the grand event, celebrated on February 23rd 2015 in Mexico City, an award was presented to Dr. Donato in recognition to his leadership, outstanding professional trajectory for promoting recognition to high quality standards and dedication, support that sustains economic and social development, as well as activities that will inspire many generations to come.

  The award is given and organized by the Global Quality Foundation through its Executive Committee and a work team committed to quality. This multi disciplinary team analyzes the candidates based on 4 parameters: trajectory, transcendence, influence and projection. The Global Quality Foundation is an International Interdisciplinary nonprofit organization founded in the city of Dubai. Established in 1975 in the City of New York, with more than 36 nation members as well as institutions, enterprises and distinct personalities worldwide.

It seeks to improve process and quality services, focused in satisfying social global needs, awarding and recognizing enterprises, institutions and important characters that have enriched their community and surroundings, supporting competitive companies and organizations, promoting social and cultural responsibility, sustainable development, righteous commerce and educational quality, among others.

The Global Quality Foundation carries out a great mission because through these awards, funds are collected and third party donations have the following destination: As a support foundation and international cooperation among 15 countries in Latin America and Africa, with charity projects for many different ethnics for education, health, fresh water, hygiene, productive development, as well as job employment for people with needs, like single mothers, violence victims and educational school for people with special needs.



Since the beginning of his medical trajectory, Dr. Donato Pérez García has been health precursor, with national and international recognition, developing a protocol called “Insulin Potentiation Therapy” that has given a higher life quality standard to patients worldwide. He founded the Academy for IPT training over 500 medical doctors in 31 countries. He is the main speaker and lecturer in the annual Global IPT Conferences. He is currently member of the board of directors in Hospital Angeles Tijuana, medical society, where he attends to his patients, encouraging a deep meaning of health. His altruistic work includes educating public and patients on the importance of human’s integral care.


Monday, February 16, 2015


Achieving a state of remission in cancer patients, is no easy task. It is a diligent work between doctor and patient. There is no immediate cure. But there is a cure. IPT can be an effective cure with visible-measureable results.

This X-Ray was taken to a lung cancer patient at the beginning of her treatment. After 8 months of diligent effort in keeping a healthy diet and life style, keeping a positive mental/emotional state and with the help of IPT Low Dose Chemo and complementary therapies, this patient achieved an 80% tumor reduction with 25 IPT treatments.

IPT does work.

Many patients that have received IPT, enjoy today a cancer free life. It is not a dream, it is a measurable reality. You have to be willing to fight with all your heart, you need to completely change to a healthier life style and keep healthy the rest of your life, it is possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To assure effectiveness, IPT must be administered by an IPT Physician trained and certified  by the senior IPT instructor, Donato Pérez García, MD. 

Read about our treatments and services: THE IPT ELECTRONIC BOOKLET

 For contact information, scan QR.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Why Not get healthier with I.P.T.?

Introducing 3 New IPT Therapies for Chronic Fatigue, Gastric Discomfort and Immune Support, a complementary protocol based on Biological Medicine that will increase energy and vitality for a better dream-accomplishing life.

Our Immune System Support Treatments, perfectly combine the right dosage of biological medicine ampules to trigger white cell production, I.V. essential nutrients specifically designed to strengthen the lymphoid organs PLUS energy boosters for maximum immune efficiency, all administered using the protocol “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”.

Using Bio Regulatory Medicine, the balance in the digestive enzyme levels is restored to ensure well decomposition of foods, protect the stomach from excessive gastric acid secretion, reduce inflammation and reduce high levels or acidity with alkaline agents, all this in only 3 sessions.

Need More Energy? Why not give our IPT Bio-Energy Treatments a Try? Full energy I.V. Boosters, essential nutrients and potent AntiOxidants to add vitality, a full Detoxification I.V. Protocol to remove clotted toxins, Oxygen Therapy to elevate O2 cellular levels PLUS a Nutritional- Detox Guideline to follow from home. Add the energy you need for Life!


i.p.t medical team of Donato Perez Garcia, MD.
U.S. 619-798-8017
MEX. 664-635-1834
Skype: donatopg3
 * All our treatments require a full medical evaluation by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, a treatment proposal plan will be designed specifically for each patient.
* All medication used in the IPT Therapies include biological medicine and a Maintenance Program.
* The IPT procedure is very safe when administered by an officially trained IPT Physician.


Thursday, January 22, 2015



R. has Stage 2 adenocarcinoma prostate cancer. He is leaning towards stage 3. He is not a candidate for surgery. Although his heart is doing well, the surgery would more than likely kill him. They would have to invert him for six hours and the doctors feel that he wouldn’t survive the surgery. If he did, they said that he would have a permanent catheter and never be able to have kids. Not much of quality of life in his opinion.

He is not a candidate for radiation therapy. They do not want to do hormone therapy as it would be very detrimental to his heart. The only remaining option is radiation for nine weeks, five days a week. And eventually stem cell transplant or blood therapy once it metastasizes. They don’t feel that if would get rid of the cancer, only slow it down. Because he is such a big man, they would have to do much more radiation than the doctors would like. His side effects would be a permanent catheter and colostomy bag.

R. decided that the side effects would be too extreme and opted for IPT treatments. He is going to have the treatment done in Mexico by one of the doctors that discovered and patented IPT, DR. DONATO PEREZ GARCIA. Dr. Donato has an 82% success rate for stage 2 to stage 3 prostate cancer and would half the price than in U.S.. There are doctors all over the world doing this type of treatment. If R. had it done here in the U.S. it would cost $75,000-$100,000 and the doctors doing it were all taught by Dr. Donato.

Basically they put you in an hypoglycemic state and administer about 15% of the normal chemo dose with insulin. Because cancer cells have many more insulin receptors on them, the cancer cells “open their doors” to receive the insulin carrying the chemo. Because of this, it is like receiving 16 chemo treatments in one, only you don’t get sick or lose your hair. IPT does not destroy the healthy cells and does not tear your body down like regular chemo.

Once the cancer is destroyed, R. will come back once or twice a year to have an additional treatment. Than way, if any cancer cells pop up they are destroyed before they can turn into tumors. If you want any further information, you can go to www.iptldmd.com or info@iptldmd.com

R. first treatment was done on Monday. The hospital was unbelievably beautiful. The entire hospital was spotless and the staff was very caring and gave him excellent care.

Dr. Donato administered a detox and antifungal I.V. the first day. He said that many cancers are started by fungus in the body. The second day R. had Biological Medicine for prostate administered. Basically, these are plan and herb concoctions manufactured in Germany. Europe has been using them for over 200 years.

Again, thanks everyone of you for helping R.!

* For security purposes, patient's name will remain anonymous.