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How it works

Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon,MD (1930-2000), Steven Ayre,MD and Donato Perez Garcia,MD presenting a breast cancer case treated with IPT during the 49 Symposium on Cancer Fundamental. MDANDERSON.Houston Texas. October 1989.
How It Works Insulin Potentiation Therapy +Targeted Low Dose Therapy IPTLD or IPT, is a true Stage IV alternative cancer treatment. It uses a combination of two orthodox drugs - insulin (actually insulin is also found in nature) and a chemotherapy drug. Cancer cells have highly active insulin receptors.
With IPTLD the insulin works on the cell membranes and allows chemotherapy to target cancer cells. Thus, it is the chemotherapy that kills the cancer cells, however, because of the insulin, the amount of chemotherapy needed is greatly reduced, meaning the side-effects of the chemotherapy are greatly reduced. Thus, the chemotherapy is much more potent (thus the word: potentiation), much less chemotherapy is needed, and far less side-effects are experienced.

What to consider when selecting a doctor

When selecting an IPT or IPTLD doctor consider her/his experience, this description can help you (experience is acquired individually, it is not hereditary or instantly transmitted to colleges and assistants in the same office):

*Freshman IPT/IPTLD Practice: 1 to 4 years of daily use of IPT/IPTLD with patients
*Sophomore IPT/IPTLD Practice: 5 to 8 years of daily use of IPT/IPTLD with patients
* This are the categories of all IPT trained doctors as of December 2009
Junior IPT/IPTLD Practice: 9 to 12 years of daily use of IPT/IPTLD with patients (Only Dr Ayre falls into this category)
Senior IPT/IPTLD Practice: 13 or more years of daily use of IPT/IPTLD with patients (Only Dr. Donato Perez Garcia falls into this category)
 Donato Perez Garcia,MD and Steven Ayre,MD. Poster Presentation. MDANDERSON Hospital. 49 Symposium on Cancer Research Fundamentals Houston, Texas. October 1989.