Monday, February 21, 2011

More cancer cases could be prevented if people make wiser lifestyle choices

More cancer cases could be prevented 
if people make wiser lifestyle choices

Although your genes are a factor in your cancer risk, it is not your genes that dictate your health but rather the expression of them, and that depends on what genes you "turn on and off" with your lifestyle and emotional state. In other words, you have more power over your health than your genetics does !

In fact, the latest paleoanthropological research shows that cancer was virtually nonexistent in humans before poor diet and pollution appeared, as an evidence that cancer is a man-made disease.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer:
1.- Choose a treatment that will work with your body to fight the disease, like IPTLD treatment.
2.- Cancer, from my point of view is a chronic degenerative disease, it can be effectively controlled.
3.- The big mistake in today's cancer management begins after you completed your treatment and your Doctor does not tell you what to do (for the rest of your life) : 1.- take for the rest of your life medication and 2.- follow a healthy diet

Cancer management should be like the one for Diabetes. 

Patients suffering from Diabetes (high blood sugar) are required to take daily medication for the rest of their life and follow a diet. Well the same should be for Cancer and if you happen to be my patient, you will be given a few pills to take for the rest of your life and a diet. This will help you reduce the risk of developing a new Cancer by more than 90% . Other recommendations are: 1.- sleep and rest daily; 2.- Drink water according to your body weight and activity; 3.- keep your body clean ; 4.- avoid constipation, keep your bowel movements regular; 5.- exercise regularly at least 30 minutes every day and get natural sun light exposure; 6.- avoid repeated exposure to radiation (for breast cancer screening avoid mammography instead choose thermography); 7.- Enjoy life daily pleasures, including sex. Cancer is not contagious. 

During Ralph Moss visit to my Clinic on Jan 26, 2011, he toured the facilities and we spoke about how Cancer management should be. He also noticed the effectiveness of IPTLD and how kinder, gentler and well tolerated is my low dose chemotherapy protocol using IPTLD.

Friday, February 18, 2011

MDANDERSON Cancer Center 42 Symposium on fundamental cancer research

Presentation of IPT/IPTLD at MDANDERSON Cancer Center Forty second Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research (Oct,1989)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Depriving cancer tumors of Energy the future or present in cancer treatment ?

Depriving cancer tumors of Energy the future or present in cancer treatment?
San Diego Union Newspaper, December 27, 2010.

While Researchers in 2010 are looking into the mechanism of glucose as the fuel of cancer cells, for more than eighty years the treatment created by my grand father, Donato Perez Garcia,MD (1896-1971) has been working by targeting the cancer cells, depriving the tumor from glucose and allowing the entrance of low doses of chemotherapy inside the cancer cells thus destroying them effectively with minimal or no side effects. 
The San Diego Tribune, a local newspaper from San Diego, California in it's December 27, 2010 published the initial findings of researchers about the targeting of cancer cells and glucose. 
In 1944 TIME Magazine published an article about the use of Insulin by Donato Perez Garcia,MD (1896-1971), that proved to work ! Looks like IPTLD is way ahead of it's time .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breast cancer, Mrs R story of success

She was diagnosed in 2002 with Breast Cancer, refused surgery and followed several treatments. The tumor continued to grow on her right breast until it ulcerated the skin.
Photo taken at my office on May 11, 2009 during her initial consultation.

Mrs. R came to my office after being treated with several treatments and visited other physicians doing IPT, she is one of several patients that prefer to be treated with the experienced doctor. I saw her on May of 2009. She travels from the East USA coast every week to Baja California, she does not have health insurance but with some effort she can afford all expenses.

After 8 months ...
The nipple is no longer retracted, areola is normal and the breast is back to normal shape. The ulcer has healed completely and the tumor has reduced in size more than 95%.
Photo taken on January 26, 2010 at my office.

This healing has been accomplished in 8 months, using the IPTLD protocol !
Mrs. R is being treated with the IPTLD protocol by Donato Perez Garcia, MD that is effective for unresponsive or complicated cancer cases.

Yes I found a cure after my pilgrimage with Lymphoma using IPT/IPTLD & Dr. Donato

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