Insulin Potentiation Therapy was initially developed by my grandfather, Donato Pérez García, Sr. M.D.
IPT targets the treatment of a cell by changing the bio-physio-chemical constants and parameters of the blood. This pathway initially attacks the cancerous cell itself through its intra-cellular environment and extra-cellular environment by permeabilizing the cell membrane via insulin.

IPT is a targeted therapy for cancer and chronic disease; the power of chemotherapy is directed only to cancer cells and not a patient’s entire body. In addition, the chemo is delivered at a fraction of the normal dose. This approach eliminates or significantly reduces the dreaded side-effects of conventional chemo. IPTLD annihilates cancer cells by employing the very same mechanisms that cancer cells utilize to kill people.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breast cancer,Cheryl story of success

Cheryl came to my office after visiting other physicians doing IPT, she is one of several patients that prefer to be treated with the experienced doctor. She works as an Art teacher. I saw her on March of 2009. She travels from Missouri every week to Baja California and her insurance is reimbursing her with the expenses of her IPTLD treatment . Cheryl had a PET Scan for Breast Cancer restaging done on October 19, 2009 that was reported with beneficial response to interval therapy. Of the two initial breast tumors one has resolved and the other has reduced in size and activity by more than 60%. Of the several bone metastases including to her vertebrae several had been resolved ,only 2 can be seen and they appear smaller. No other sites of cancer are seen on the PET.
Cheryl is being treated with the IPTLD protocol that has more action on bone and is more effective for complicated cancer cases.

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