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Sugar, juicing and diets: How much sugar should you eat per day?

The information presented in this comment is solely responsible made by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD., based on his personal experience of taking care of patients with chronic degenerative diseases and cancer since the year of 1982 (more than 36 years of experience in this field of alternative medicine).
When you consume a healthy fresh juice of fruit or vegetable you lose fiber and that results in juices having the ability to spike your blood sugar in a more dramatic way than if you ate the actual fruit or vegetable. When juicing fruit and vegetables, some of the healthy, filling fiber is lost, because juice extractors separate the juice that contain concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients from the fiber-rich pulp and skins. In addition to fiber, you also lose some polyphenols and antioxidants found in the pith of citrus fruits and skins of fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help to balance inflammation, while enzymes (like the find in pineapple) help with…
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What are the advantages of doing a chemo sensitivity test before your IPTLD treatment?

The chemosensitivity testprovides information and guidance about the drugs that may be suited to the individual in a clinical practice. Standard oncology rely on the statistical analysis of a large treatment trials to decide which drugs to use for specific cancers. Doing the chemrsensitivity testing involves testing an individual cancer cells in the laboratory to see which drugs and which natural substances demonstrate the best response. A similar test is used to find which antibiotic is the right one to use for a particular type of bacteria causing an infection and which is antibiotic is already resistant. 1- early detection and diagnosis of new cancers 2- monitoring existing cancers 3- prognosis by providing information about the risk of recurrence of a current or old cancer.
If you have cancer this test, that helps for the molecular detection of disseminated cancer cells in the blood stream allow for the identification of a probable high risk of relapse. This test also determine t…

Lung Cancer Remission. Patient Testimonial

MY EXPERIENCES WITH IPT AS A PATIENT OF DR. DONATO PEREZ GARCIA III. I am a lung cancer free, survivor patient of 24 years treated with IPT/IPTLD. A Patient TestimonialDr. Donato, quite simply, saved my life!
I will always be grateful to him, he will always hold a special place in my heart. Back in 1992, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I went through the standard medical routine because of pressure from my family and my Doctor. The first step was a lung biopsy. Terrible experience, my lung was perforated during the procedure: it feels like dying, sudden shortness of breath, losing consciousness. Because of the lung biopsy an unexpected 5 day hospital stay, as a life threatening emergency because of the lung puncture, my sister who lives in California told me about this doctor Donato Perez Garcia, MD in Tijuana, Mexico and his treatment alternative.
Back in that year, 1992, doing a research on the internet was not possible, but suddenly a few people started to comment that they kne…

Breast Cancer Remission. Patient Testimonial

I no longer have a cancer tumor in my left breast.  A true story. July 19, 2016.
I'm Alize and I want to share my story. I realized that since 1999 I started to notice that my left breast had a slight feeling of heaviness. I decided to only change my diet and take some herbal remedies. This discomfort remained unchanged until July 2015 at that time it was a more intense heaviness and swelling of the left breast was added. I went to visit my doctor, he recommended to have more tests done. A biopsy in August 7, 2015 reported that I had infiltrating ductal carcinoma in the left breast.
On September 9, 2015  a PET Scan showed the tumor in the left breast (see photography a yellow red spot in the chest, red circle to show where the tumor was). In fear for my life, as I was told by the oncologist, I accepted to start with standard chemotherapy treatment under the professional care of this traditional oncologist. The first round went wrong, I felt terrible, I had a severe reaction that my…

Annie B. True Story

MY EXPERIENCES WITH IPT AS A PATIENT OF DR. DONATO PEREZ GARCIA III  Annie B. True story Dr. Donato, quite simply, saved my life! I will always be grateful to him, he will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will never be able to repay him.
I was diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer on Friday the 13th of July 2001, after a biopsy of a swollen lymph node. Because they found it in my lymphatic system, I was automatically at least stage II, with metastatic breast cancer as my diagnosis. The doctor immediately booked me for a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation, starting the following Tuesday. Because I have a dysfunctional immune syndrome as well as several other immune-related diseases, I knew that I had to be careful about what I did to, and put into, my body. After extensive research that weekend, I came to the conclusion that traditional surgery, chemo and radiation would kill me. I decided to try alternative treatments.
I did research and found IPT. I was so ex…

Madam Q. Testimony Breast Cancer Patient

First of all I want to thank God for inspiring Dr. Donato to uphold his family legacy. This is not an easy task for him. I really admire him for his compassion and caring for his patients with the highest integrity. I’m now 50 years old and I’ve been to many doctors in my life time and I can say Dr. Donato is one of the most honest doctors I’ve ever met.
I am under treatment with Dr. Donato now for 8 months for my breast cancer, there are good moments and bad moments but I know that Dr. Donato is the right person to make me heal, the method that he uses does not make me ill, like nausea or loss of hair or any other side effects that one might experience with the traditional chemotherapy. I do have some body aches and pains but not from the chemo.
My journey through this dealing with cancer I was diagnosed April 7th 2014 with stage 2 cancer, it caused quite a big blow to my psyche because I’m not the type of person that should get cancer. I’ve been taking care of myself of what should and…

Lucinda’s Testimony

Lucinda’s Testimony

Hi, my name is Lucinda Tosi, I’m an american but was raised in Costa Rica and Peru. I have ovarian cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis. I heard about this therapy over 15 years by internet and I thought It was very “sane-logical” the use of insulin to potentiate the chemo delivery system to the cancer cell, using less chemotherapy that what is traditionally used, much much less. 
It is a very nice and pleasant experience, except the struggle with the cancer itself. My diet has changed so much, zero sugar (that’s been really hard) and wheat, red meats and few saturated fats, few dairy, but mostly the sugar has been very difficult. In my opinion, doctor Donato is such a sweet person, it does me good just to see him every day, he answers all my questions, he treats me like a real person both him and the chemo has helped me so much. I could only be here for 4 weeks, now I have to go back to Costa Rica, maybe have surgery, maybe traditional chemo, I still don’t know, or…

Interesting Historial Facts about the Inventor of IPT

Did you know ...?

* The inventor of Insulin Potentiation Therapy was a skillful surgeon in obstetrics, gynecology and urology?

* He first injected himself with insulin in 1930, as an experiment to cure him from a lifelong gastrointestinal illness that almost killed him.

* In 1930, he cured his first patient from syphilis using this methodology.

* His work at the San Diego Naval Hospital earned him an article on the April 10th 1944 edition of TIME Magazine.

* In 1946 he successfully treated, for the very first time, a cancer patient, achieving full remission.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Back in those days, oncology was an inexistent specialty in medicine. The first research done on nitrogen mustard for the treatment of leukemia was done in the USA by the year 1946.

Dr. Sidney Farber, from the School of Medicine in Harvard applied methotrexate and folic acid on a patient with Leukemia and achieved his remission.
At that time, Dr. Farber was criticized and ridiculed for this attempt. Ye…