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Lung Cancer Remission. Patient Testimonial

MY EXPERIENCES WITH IPT AS A PATIENT OF DR. DONATO PEREZ GARCIA III. I am a lung cancer free, survivor patient of 24 years treated with IPT/IPTLD. A Patient TestimonialDr. Donato, quite simply, saved my life!
I will always be grateful to him, he will always hold a special place in my heart. Back in 1992, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I went through the standard medical routine because of pressure from my family and my Doctor. The first step was a lung biopsy. Terrible experience, my lung was perforated during the procedure: it feels like dying, sudden shortness of breath, losing consciousness. Because of the lung biopsy an unexpected 5 day hospital stay, as a life threatening emergency because of the lung puncture, my sister who lives in California told me about this doctor Donato Perez Garcia, MD in Tijuana, Mexico and his treatment alternative.
Back in that year, 1992, doing a research on the internet was not possible, but suddenly a few people started to comment that they kne…