Sunday, August 9, 2020


Too often have I heard theses words: “Doctor, I want it all”. In my professional experience, most cancer patients seeking Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), come to me as a last resort, after trying for many years conventional or even other alternative cancer therapies with no real results and more aggressive advanced cancer. By the time they come into my medical office, the average cancer patients has researched hundreds of hours with Dr.Google, clicking links upon links in their despair of finding their cure. They come to me with a full length detailed list of what exactly it is they want for treatment.

They say they’ve researched it all and they know exactly what’s going on with them, why other treatments didn’t work and why IPT will work for them but only if I do this, this and this.

They want low dose chemo’s with high doses of other stuff... vitamin C, Ozone, anti inflammatory cocktails, pain relievers, natural IV supplements, additional nutrients, curcuma, natural anti chemotherapy, more vitamin C on and on, they want all these substances in a single shot. Which, at first glance sounds “healthy” but this is far from reality.

More does not mean better.

“I want it all, doc” -the patient says- but I always tell them this simple example.

Let’s say you go to an organic shop and buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereals, organic meat and fish, grass fed happy cow milk, let’s say you buy natural sweeteners and a rainbow colored freshly squeezed juices and all sorts of vitamin supplements, ok? Let’s say you go home and store this in your refrigerator, until now, everything you bought is healthy and nutritious right? And then, you sit down and in a single evening you eat it all, every single organic food you bought you eat it. You could most probably die that same night.


Because dosage is everything.

Our body is a neatly sophisticated well-tuned machine that requires small dosages in high variety to function properly. The human body does not do well with excesses. That is why I always have to educate my patients in these matters, go back to basics and let them know that the medical doctor is the one in charge. Since it’s their body of course they have a saying but Dr.Google is not a certified MD practitioner that I’m aware of.

It is good that patients research and study their medical condition, but they cannot self treat or prescribe their own cancer treatments, that is my job, because in their anguish and desperation to get better, they could “end up eating the entire refrigerator” and that can be harmful even lethal. All my IPT Cancer Treatments include a low dose chemotherapy based on Onkotesting first (to determine which cancer killing drugs work best with each particular blood type) administered with IPT, I include biological medicine based on each patient’s specific needs and organ support, I use a modest dosage of ozone and immune boosters and other elements to increase vitality levels but all neatly balanced.

A resting period between treatment phases is very important. Patients say “one week with no treatments? But why?” And again I have to emphasize that you can’t pump the body with chemo and not let it rest and let the anti cancer medication do it’s job. I encourage all my patients and IPT followers to use moderation and balance in all food-medication-supplement ingestion. More does not mean better, because dosage is everything.

I little dosage of wisdom from Dr. Donato to you.

Good health to you all.

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Friday, August 7, 2020


I came upon this lovely turtle picture from my gardener. It is a female turtle named “Eva” and has lived in the family garden for decades. “Eva” is 55 years old and counting. She comes out every summer and goes to hibernation precisely every September. I saw videos of “Eva” and was amazed how slow she moved, how slow she went about her business; walking, eating fresh fruit, lettuce and fig leaves, taking long naps in the sunlight, taking shelter at dusk. She moved extremely slow and yet, she got it all done year after year, decade after decade. It got me reflecting on the wisdom of nature and the key to turtle longevity. 

Eva in extreme relaxation pose 55 years of age.

In this rapid, hight speed world, where time is money and COVID-Era pressure makes us move faster but with no real destination, “Eva’s” wisdom came to me like a drink of pure fresh water in a dry and desolated pandemic world. We could all do with a bit of “ Eva” in all of us and just take it slow. True, one cannot stop working and living, but we can change our biorhythms, and just turn it down a few degrees. We could use more quiet from media noise and just take time to observe nature’s perfect rhythm and let it sink in.

I saw in this wise turtle a life lesson worth applying to everyday life: FASTER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER, SLOWER CAN BE WISER. I believe that each person is created uniquely and we all function at different speeds. The world conditions as they are now a days, the emotional pressure of pandemic has made us in a way, speed up inwards, but in reality it should slow us down internally and really revalue everything that is truly important and find meaning in the pain and loss we are all living as a whole.

We need to sit down and eat a fig, like “ Eva” and do what we can do, what we are able to do and let go of what we cannot do. Use what you have around you to make the best life possible, one-day-at-a-time, otherwise you’ll speed up and CRACK or get burned out. We all wish these testing times are over, but we really cannot control this, we can only take the proper precautions our authorities suggest, keep healthy, physically, mentally/emotionally and GO OUT THERE AND DO THE VERY BEST WE CAN, but that’s it. 

We as individuals cannot save the world from COVID, we need to stop and just realized what is happening, slow down, help other’s in need that have it worst than we do, be compassionate, and just live through every season of life in a calm, tranquil sort of way and we might be as fortunate as “Eva” who, for the looks of it, might outlive us all with her extremely healthy lifestyle.

No worries or anxieties, just living one day at a time, one hour at a time.

Thank you “Eva” for reminding me to slow down and eat a fig every now and then.

Good health to you all.

Donato Pérez García, MD

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My prostate is swollen: how can I stop urinating at night?

What do you feel when you have an swollen prostate

Only in men is there a prostate. It is a smooth-surface gland that is part of the male genitourinary system and is the size of a walnut that grows over the years.
It is located below the bladder and surrounds the urine outlet duct called the urethra. Its function is to produce the liquid that mixes with the sperm during ejaculation.
The three main inflammatory diseases are:
1- Prostatitis
2- Benign hyperplasia
3- Cancer
The causes of each of these are different. 
Discomforts may include: Decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, rising to urinate at night or several times during the day, painful ejaculation, discomfort in the testicles, pressure or pain in the lower abdomen, pulling or pain in the groin among the most frequent.
For these inflammatory diseases of your prostate Dr. Donato Perez Garcia has a special medical treatment that is effective. Experience of more than 36 years. You begin by identifying the cause of your illness, what problems you have, and you are given medical treatment following a plan to help you resolve your illness and return you to your state of health according to your age. Because you want to continue suffering, I can help you feel good.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Since chronic PAIN is due to inflammation: Get RELIEF!

A chronic pain has an inflammatory process.

Almost all diseases undergo a local or generalized inflammatory process.

Inflammation occurs when the tissue is damaged by bacteria, toxins, trauma (bumps), tumors (cancer) and other causes that damage the tissue of one or more organs in our body. The cells of these tissues and organs release chemicals into the blood that cause inflammation.

All chronic diseases have an inflammatory process that causes different and very varied symptoms, discomfort and many are fatal if not promptly addressed. More than 50% of all deaths are due to inflammation-related diseases such as heart disease, strokes, tumors (cancer), diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, prostate disease, bone pain such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, MS and others.

For many of these chronic degenerative diseases, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia has a special medical treatment that is effective with an experience of more than 36 years. I will start by identifying the cause of your illness, what problems you have, and you are given medical treatment following a plan to help you resolve your illness and return you to your state of health according to your age. Why do you want to continue suffering, I can help you feel good.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Monday, August 3, 2020


(Reading time: 5 minutes)

We have lived isolated and under home locked up for several weeks now. Faced with the virus threat that made its first appearance in the world and that due to the fear that the news has generated, decision makers opted for a drastic measure, which has been used in similar situations in the past. But the conditions of the current world in which almost all the countries interact with each other and people move easily, the measure taken by the experts (sitting at the comfort of their desks) didn’t contemplate the economic disaster that we are all experiencing now. Staying isolated has contributed in reducing contagion, but this has not eradicated the virus. Isolation should be more selective and effective, Identifying those infected, their close contacts in their daily and occasional recent coexistence, so that these groups can be isolated more strictly.

As of today, waking up to what we are trying to understand as our “New normality” is generating more anguish over the economic crisis than the news of the COVID-10 virus generated at the time. Throughout the world, the number of people who depend on their daily work to support their families is greater and they are all most anxious.

Probably in the short and long term, our immune system will undergo changes in the way it responds to infections. If we have been washing our hands with soap and water for several weeks or using gel with alcohol, this unusual practice of washing the skin is eliminating the normal flora of bacteria, fungi and viruses that inhabit it and act daily through the skin, stimulating different responses of our immune system and body. Diet provides the body with the nutrients that the body needs to continue building, repairing or defending ourselves against aggressive agents. Lack of exercise and consuming sugar, more than what our body needs, interfere with the proper functioning of our immune system.

When our body faces a new microorganism, it analyzes it to generate a defensive response. The coronavirus causing COVID19, has an invasive capacity superior to the defenses of our organism, especially in older people and with chronic diseases, this immune response being slower and weaker. The “New normality” includes that we are responsible and at the beginning of any discomfort symptom, such as;  headaches, sore throats, coughs, fever and general malaise, we stay home, notify the doctor and inform those who have lived with us to take care of themselves. In these months, cancer patients and patients with other chronic diseases, interrupted their treatments, they should continue with their medical treatments, taking the recommended precautions to go out and  continue maintaining a good quality of life.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Monday, July 27, 2020

I wear a mask when I leave my house to go for a walk,...

I wear a mask when I leave my house to go for a walk, to the supermarket or to the pharmacy, to go to the doctor or to do some important errand. I even use it to receive home deliveries.

I stay two meters away from you, I stay at home in social isolation, as much as I can. I want you to know that I respect you, because I could be asymptomatic and infect you with the virus. No, I don't "live in fear" of the virus, I just want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

I don't feel like the "government controls me", I feel like an adult who contributes to society.

The world does not revolve around me, if we could all count on each other's consideration, the whole world would be a better place.

Wearing a mask, staying home as long as I can, keeping a distance of 2 meters from others does not make me a weak, scared, dumb or "controlled" person; makes me a caring and respectful person.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Friday, July 24, 2020

Is using chemotherapy enough for treating cancer?

A multimodal therapy program will produce a better outcome when including IPT/IPTLD.


Since the beginning of chemo era in the mid 1950’s, there’s been new developments in cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs with fairly good results. But in modern era I see that the conventional use of chemo in a standardized dosage is pretty much the same.

Chemo drugs in beginning and until today have one main application and that is: kill cells: healthy as well as cancerous cells.


Cancer by definition is when cells reproduce in a faster growth factor than normal, developing in tumors or other carcinogenic tissues that are unhealthy and sickly.

Diminishing the amount of cancerogenic cells is considered a “cure” in traditional medicine, but in reality, through my professional experience using a multi modal approach including insulin potentiation therapy can be effectively to put into remission (considered a cure) my patient, but it requires a long term management plan with diet, medications, supplements and lifestyle modifications. Patients with cancer (even in remission states) will need to continue a regimen of clinical tests and imaging, as well as healthy lifestyle and care, for the rest of their lives. I emphasize for the rest of their lives. The sooner they can accept this, the sooner they can move on. Too often have I seen a few of patients of mine, who, once achieved remission, go back to their homes and never continue their follow up check-up’s and sadly they return with a more advanced cancer stage.


Now a day’s there’s a larger variety of chemo agents that can be combined based on the result of a blood chemosensitivity test, to use from the beginning the agents that will work 100% against the specific type of cancer.  This ensures the protocol I select to administer to you during my insulin potentiation therapy protocol will produce the best possible outcome.

 In my area of expertise in this treatment alternative for cancer using my grandfather’s protocol Insulin Potentiation Therapy or just plain IPT©, I developed new adjustments and gave it a new approach, specifically to cancer called IPT-Low Dose. It is my professional point of view, that chemo alone isn’t enough. We need to give the body a boost and reinforce immune support. Every cancer is different, there is no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL treatment and it is important to make a full thorough evaluation and comparative clinical studies to see what the most damaged areas are caused by cancer. For some patients it can be acute pain due to swelling, to which I would recommend a lymphatic bio regulatory drainage protocol. Other’s may present high toxicity liver levels to which a full I.V. detox protocol could be well combined aside from chemotherapy. Other patients are good candidates to use natural chemotherapeutic extracts such as curcuma and other biological agents that can improve energy levels, etc.


All IPTLD® therapies that I administer are combined with natural bio regulatory components that are non-toxic and are not contraindicated with chemo drugs. I also like to use High-Dose Vitamin C-drips and alkaline agents such as ozone, oxygen infused IV’s with nutrients and specific organ support ampules, depending on each patient’s needs. The human body is an extraordinary well-tuned and well-balanced system that requires above all: Equilibrium.


I often hear from many of my patient’s: “Oh, we can also add this, you should add that substance, or this nutrient or a whole bunch of this other natural stuff...” but I always tell them, you can’t overload your system, because too much of anything, even if it’s “good stuff” can damage you or even kill you if you overload it. It’s all about balance. That is why, it takes a good physician to bring together the best treatment program combining chemotherapy and other alternative therapies so one doesn’t damage the other. I’ve found that Heel Products work very well, and I include them as part of all IPTLD® protocols and the results have been very good. Aside from diet which, as a huge follower of Hippocrates, will tell all my patients that food can also be medicine, if consumed in the right amounts and combinations, a healthy life style that includes, movement and exercise, good sleep, cleansing and natural detoxification, a healthy sex life is also important as well as laughter and enjoyment, we give the patient a better opportunity to overcome cancer or any other chronic degenerative disease. Like I said, it’s all about helping your body find its own equilibrium and feeling happy while on the journey back to health.


Maintaining a good quality of life during chemotherapy, to me is equally as important as achieving remission. IPT© is not a “miracle therapy” it does take patience and hard work, but it is achievable in my extensive experience.


Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Thursday, July 16, 2020


It was in 1975 that my grandmother Sofia G. had quite a large stomach tumor and the only option they offered was surgery. They’ve heard of Dr. Donato working in Mexico City and a treatment that, without surgery, could reduce or eradicate the tumor. Back in those days, Dr. Donato Pérez García Bellón (Donato 2nd generation) was beginning with his IPT. 

My grandparents moved to Mexico City, rented an apartment so they didn't’ haven't to travel so much because of my grandmother’s discomfort and just have treatments for a couple of months, they were originally from Monterrey, and at the end of treatments they made tests and the tumor had practically vanished, she didn’t have anything anymore. 

And well, from that point on my grandmother never had stomach problems nor recidivism of any kind, nothing. The treatment as I recall lasted about 2 or 3 months. She lived well many years and died from old age over 30 years ago. 

After that, my aunt had problems with breast cancer and in first instance was treated by a doctor in Monterrey but it extended to the armpit nodules, her arm began swelling. She then went to Dr. Donato but he told her that after the treatment she’d previously had, there wasn’t much that could be done, it was too advanced and he told her:

“What I can do is help you with the pain and have a good quality of life” so he had treatment with Dr. Donato every 3 weeks and never had real pain but for her, nothing else could be done.

I remember my mother used to tell us that she was in treatment. That’s when I met Dr. Donato (2nd generation of medical doctors), he was very kind, empathic with people, he used to arrive and just hug my aunt (we’re not the hugging type family ha-ha-ha) very affectionate and with a very humane way of treating people.

Note: Mr. José is a current patient of Dr. Donato (3rd generation) and is one of many patient testimonies, descendants of parents or grandparents treated by the Pérez García medical doctors. Many of them, knowing of the good results of IPT on their relatives, turn to the same treatment and share valuable testimonies like these, about IPT and the legacy of the Donato Pérez García legacy.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Wednesday, July 15, 2020


What can cancer patients do to improve their mental health during COVID-era?

It’s not easy keeping up with the pressures of this pandemic life style, it is certainly less easy for cancer patients, who are particularly vulnerable due to their low immune system. Many of them are in a long waiting list to receive treatment, get clinical study results, find funds or work to pay for cancer treatments, the list goes on.

A big part of dealing with cancer in COVID-era will begin with the patient’s general mental health and determination to STAY ALIVE IN A POSITIVE STATE OF MIND. It can surely be overwhelming and many of the emotions that he/she is going through can be narrowed down to FEAR and UNCERTAINTY. I’ve received many phone calls in these last months from patients in U.S. and Europe who cannot make the trip to the hospital where I give IPT Cancer Treatments, due to financial issues or simply are not in good health to make the trip. I can hear their anguish and concern, because cancer is not respecter of time, it cannot be quarantine.

I truly believe that there is strength and power in the link between mind and body. Your thoughts  determine your emotions and emotions play a huge part in the battle against cancer, because emotions are also chemical signals you give to your body. Mind alone cannot heal cancer, but it is a vital part in healing. Here are a few suggestions that cancer patients can use in their everyday life to try and improve their mental health while undergoing cancer treatment or waiting to renew treatments.

  1. I CAN DO THIS-. The most important thing you can do to begin with, is to believe and trust that you have it in you to overcome this adversity. Trust and believe that it is possible, try and remember other times in your life when you also had a big problem or adversity that you overcame and trust that if you where able to do it then, it can be done again.

  1. ASK FOR HELP-. You should not try and deal with your illness alone. Use all the help you can get, support from family and loved ones, professionals, online tools, but you need to reach out to others and ask for what it is you need. Don’t feel discouraged if people around you don’t seem to understand what you’re going through, we are all trying to deal with this pandemic the best we can, so dont give up and keep searching for help and support until you find it, do not try and deal with this alone.

  1. KEEP A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE-. It may sound obvious but If you’ve had cancer for a while you know that diet, rest, detox, supplements and exercise are the basics, you cannot drop any of these. It has to be a MUST.  If you’ve done your homework in cancer diets and pro health life styles, you know how important it is to maintain it. Adapt to whatever environment you have access to. If you can no longer go out as often, then find new and creative ways to de-stress, move and have access to your basic needs and not allow cancer to proliferate due to absence of basic health routines.  

  1. LAUGH-. It’s just so important. On a biochemical level, cancer patients need to up grade their serotonin and dopamine levels to improve immune support. If can achieve to laugh hard everyday and make it part of your everyday life style, this will most certainly improve your mental health. I’ve know therapies that it’s main objective is to cause patients to laugh. Just laugh on purpose, find funny videos, bloopers, movies, call a friend that you know is funny or as a last resort, just laugh on purpose, even if it may feel dumb but laugh HARD and surely the real laugh will come out. I cannot extend how important this is, that’s why I always begin IPT treatments with a good joke. It is medicinal, truly.

5. STAY AWAY FROM TOO MUCH NEWS-. I would strongly suggest to all cancer patients to abstain from watching news. I would suggest to ask a loved one to watch it for you and just give you a general update on main facts that are happening around the world or locally, but do not engage in news-watching time, since it may cause worry and anxiety levels to rise. We all need to be informed on what is happening in the world, yes, but don’t engage too much time in it, nor social media if you are prompt to emotional sensitivity.


Stay away from material that will get you in a negative mental and emotional state. Avoid horror movies, videos about misfortunes, apocalyptic literature, serial killers, anything that might add stress to your mental and emotional health. You need to be super selective on what goes inside your body, eyes, mind, everything, specially if you are a cancer patient. I cannot overly express how important this mental hygiene is to anyone, but specially to those who are undergoing a chronic degenerative illness. Negative stuff is free and at your grasp all over the internet and TV, please choose nutritious stuff for your mind and soul.

7. START THERAPY IF NEEDED-. This COVID-era may bring out unsolved issues in your life that may require professional help.  If needed I think it is healthy to begin psychological help, many mental health professional offer their services via video calls or even group therapy. We are unsure when we will return to normality so it might still take a while, use time wisely to heal other parts of yourself.


You are not alone in this, sometimes it just helps to talk to someone who is going through the exact thing you’re dealing. There must be support groups, even if these are not clinical therapy, but just people with same problems, talking and helping each other, can make a huge difference. There are also 12-Step programs for emotional and mental support you can find help with. As I mentioned before, you need to find what you need at this very moment.

9. FAITH IN GOD OR A HIGHER POWER-. You can read more about this in a previous post I wrote about the importance of God and faith in any medical treatment. If you’ve never had a religious belief, now would be a good time to start. Prayer and meditation can help you connect to a higher power, which to me personally is God. Wether it’s a church or temple, but start looking for your faith, it will add so much to your life and help you deal with any given problem in a more serene way.

10. DO THE BEST YOU CAN-. Get up every day and do the best you can with what you have. We can be so harsh on ourselves and others, demanding way more than what we can give and that can burn you out. See reality as it is, see what you can and cannot do, but don’t over do it. Be responsible in keeping your healthy life style and try to get cancer treatment as soon as possible. We offer our services in alternative cancer treatments using Insulin Potentiation Therapy at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Mexico.

I hope this list can guide you in a taking action towards a more healthy life style. Mental health is so important and needs to be addressed properly aside with any cancer treatment. So hang in there dear patient, my IPT Medical Team is open to you if you should decide to begin treatments with us, just give us a call or write to us. We truly care about our patients, it’s not just cancer treatment, it’s about humans helping humans. That’s the IPT Way.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Thursday, July 9, 2020


Dear IPT Bloggers, aside from medical topics I wanted to write something from the heart of a healer who’s devoted half of his life helping others find their journey back to health. Over 35 years administering IPT to cancer patients, mostly, and many many other types of illness in the body, you tend to find common denominators among them, similar patterns appear in health related habits and it doesn't take long to see how the dots connect together.

We are a whole being, not just biological, not just mental but one must take in account that spark of eternity in us; OUR SOUL. Does the spiritual part have anything to do with healing of the body? In my opinion, YES, you bet. In my core values I most certainly believe in God and His part in the process of healing the body is crucial.

I’ve seen the cases of patient believers in God or higher power and patients who do not believe and there is a difference. By no means am I saying that believers heal and don't die, no, some of them do unfortunately, but I do notice that they approach their health problems and complications with more ease and in a more peaceful state of wellbeing. In my trajectory I’ve also seen how non believers turn to God in their hour of need, facing such a harsh illness as cancer, they came in as non believers and come our believers at the end of their journey.

Why? I believe that our soul needs that spiritual connection to it’s source: GOD. And something happens during an illness trial, that more than ever the soul needs comfort and assurance from something bigger than him/herself. As a medical doctor I am well aware that we cannot just     “put the soul on hold” or ignore it, that is why at the very first medical consultation I ALWAYS ASK MY PATIENTS, what is their spiritual or religious belief and I encourage them to keep tight to that faith, to pray, meditate and continue their religious practice as much as possible, to complement the medical treatment.

Emotions also play a huge part in the healing process. Medication intake and absorption to the body can be determined by the patients emotional state, I’ve seen this over the years. If a patient carries high amounts of stress or negative emotional states, it will not be the same result if a patient is in a relaxed loving state. Most of the patient’s I’ve seen through the decades, come with unsolved family issues, I’ve even heard from most of them, that they link their current illness to past unsolved emotional states towards, those unsolved family problems. I am not stating this as a fact, I’m merely sharing some of the testimonials I’ve heard in the hope that readers can learn from this and motivate them enough to take action in their own life.

I truly believe that God is the source of all good and that we can have a direct experience and connection with God through prayer, and I encourage this to all that are undergoing a medical treatment. Whatever issues are unsolved in your life, don’t just ignore them, fix and heal them if it is in your power to do so, and if not, you must learn to let it go in peace and entrust them to God, who will take care of them, but do not carry them in your soul.

We all have suffering and loss in our life, every single breathing human will experience suffering, loss or loss of health in our body, but I think it first starts in the soul, this is just my opinion that any physical illness begins in the soul and if not treated or taken of it will eventually develop in illness of the body. I cannot prove this scientifically it is a belief.

And an illness in the soul cannot be cured alone, a higher source, power, God must help us.  

If you can find that connection to God, find it.

If you don't have it, find it.

If there are unsolved issues in your soul, begin dealing with them.




Making these choices are essential in your bodily recovery.

I say this not only as a doctor, but as a believer in God.

What do you think?

I’d like to hear your feedback.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Tuesday, July 7, 2020

My opinion and comment on COVID-19 disease and coronavirus

The disease is real, if it exists it is called COVID-19 and the cause is coronavirus
The virus that causes it affects all age groups in women and men. As it has been a disease with different symptoms, the information that we have has been changing. This information will continue to change over the months because it is learning day by day of its behavior in humans. There is still no medicine that is indicated to treat it. Doctors have used different medications to improve the clinical conditions of the patient and day by day they will continue to use the medications that have had a good response in most patients and with this information you can choose the medication that works best for when you have the disease. The vaccine when available will serve to prevent the appearance of COVID-19 in the vast majority of the population.

There is a lot of serious information about the virus and the disease, but there are more myths and rumors.
I share my opinion and it focuses on:
1. Protect yourself by covering your eyes, nose and mouth. Wear a face mask.
2. If you feel sick with fever, dry cough, tiredness, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, among others, stay at home, notify your family and doctor so that you do not continue to spread it. Let us act responsibly, by staying isolated at home we will help not to continue spreading the disease.
3. Sleep and eat well, let your doctor know, do not trust Dr. Google's opinions very much nor Dr. Yahoo's, both of them really do not have the training or the Medical Diploma and since they do not have conscience and feelings They can give you a lot of false information. Do not self-medicate.
4. From the beginning, tell your doctor who should guide you how to take care of yourself and if you require hospital care, they will also give you the information.
5. If you suddenly have trouble breathing with chest pain or pressure you have to go to a Hospital quickly.
Do not consume what you should not take for fear, do not dress with all the equipment for fear, live naturally, take care of yourself and protect yourself. If your life is already controlled by the fear of panic that has infiltrated our lives in recent months, remember that stress weakens your body and your immune system. Act responsibly.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sugar, the carbohydrate: is it necessary to consume or avoid?

I begin by saying that carbohydrates are the natural and necessary energy that at the cellular level is required for our body to function. Without carbohydrates many functions such as the response of the immune system are not going to work properly.

When there are no carbohydrates because we decided to eliminate them completely from the diet, the body will convert fat or protein to carbohydrate and this process is not recommended especially when you have a disease such as cancer.

What you have to do is measure the amount of food that you are going to consume. You must weigh to know how many grams of food you are consuming. As an example of what we should do is serve a cereal. Most open the bag and serve the cereal on the plate and then add milk to it. Well that's not right. It is necessary to measure and follow the recommendations of measures that in the example of the cereal is a cup with a certain amount of milk. The label indicates up to the percentage of nutrients that you are going to eat and thus you will only be consuming what is recommended so as not to exceed the consumption of nutrients, including carbohydrates. You must weigh and measure everything you are going to eat during the day.

Finally, if we do not consume natural carbohydrates, many functions at the cell level will not occur and several production chains of other nutrients in our body will be interrupted. But also consuming more carbohydrates than required also causes the immune system to not react to the presence of an offending agent. I am writing about carbohydrates because they are the most harmful when consumed in excess, but the same happens with fats and proteins.

Do not forget that fruits and vegetables are harvested according to the time of the year and with this I end up recommending that you avoid consuming the same fruit 365 days, a variety of fruits and vegetables should be observed so that our body takes advantage of the nutrients of each fruit and vegetable at different times of the year. .

Being breakfast the food that for many organisms is the one that will give the energy to launch the body as with the other meals they were introduced by our mother and we just continue the habit to eat as we were taught. Not everyone should eat the same breakfast and apply to other foods. For a better orientation I recommend consulting with a Nutritionist.

This is what I usually eat for breakfast. 

Two scrambled eggs with fresh tomato spicy salsa and a spoon of pinto beans.

Glass of water, papaya with fresh lime juice and banana

To finish my breakfast, I enjoy a cup of espresso sprinkled with a little of cinnamon.

Good day.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Monday, June 15, 2020

Do I have to take supplements or vitamins: which and how or why not?

Supplements, vitamins included, are all organic (chemical) substances that are mainly extracted from different sources of plant origin and are prepared as a liquid or a pill to take by mouth.

The preparations for administration by injection must be prescribed by a health professional.

From our diet we must obtain all the nutrients that our body needs daily to function. Consuming a supplement should be primarily to complement our diet and ensure that our body is receiving the recommended amounts of nutrients.

The absorption of nutrients by our digestive system is affected by some disease or by the type of diet we follow.

We know that we must stay hydrated to maintain the balance of our body.

Drinking a lot of water, more than what our body requires, which also varies according to the season of the year, state of health and activity, will dilute the nutrients and contribute to their elimination without being used properly.

Some diseases that affect kidney or liver function will modify the absorption and its consumption should be watched by your doctor, so that he recommends if you should take vitamins or supplements.


So, taking a vitamin with minerals as a supplement to your diet, Yes I am in favor of recommending it.

Taking a supplement or several in order to cure an illness should be evaluated by your doctor. Supplements are primarily for prevention. When there is a deficiency of a vitamin, it is accompanied by specific symptoms and the treatment is to correct the diet and replace the deficient vitamin.

Using supplements to treat cancer alone is not going to be enough to stop the disease.


There are many options and brands. If you decide to take a vitamin, you must consume one that you easily find in the city where you live.

I do not sell any product, the one I consume taking one capsule daily at the end of my breakfast, contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Niacinamide , Biotin, Folic Acid, Calcium Pantothenate, Ferrous Sulfate, Selenium, Molybdenum, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, ginkgo biloba and Korean Ginseng. The local brand is BIOMETRIX ® BAYER.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





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