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To have a better understanding of the era in which I.P.T. was originated, let’s take a moment to identify the historical moments occurring in Mexico and the rest of the world when Dr. Donato began to propagate his discovery.

In 1929, our neighboring country, the United States of America, was facing the “Great Depression” which lasted until late 1930’s. Till this day, it’s been the biggest economic crisis ever reported in the history of the U.S.A. which eventually expanded to global economy. Prices, stock markets fell, salaries where reduced, many industries and companies were broke, but mostly there was unemployment, many families where left without a home and food was considerably scarce.

In other parts of the world, the world began noticing Germany’s situation in the hands of Adolf Hitler and his nationalistic vision of the pure Aryan race and all the destruction it had yet to bring upon. Years later, in 1939, World War II erupted, known as one of the deadliest military conflicts in the history of humanity, with over 60 million war victims. Even after it had ended, in 1945, the world would face  economic and moral recuperation for decades to come. And although Mexico had no fundamental participation in WWII, was also affected by the catastrophic worldwide events.
From 1910 until 1920, Mexico was dealing with its own internal conflicts from civil wars and The Mexican Revolution, leaving an estimate of 2 million deaths. A period in which illness, disease, unemployment, food scarcity and social instability where an every day life. Many Mexicans preferred to migrate to the United States, to escape violence in search for a better life, jobs and a more substantial salary.

Understanding these 3 main historic events we can determine that the pioneering years of I.P.T. where given in an era of much discord, poverty, scarcity, national and international instability. On the other hand, life during wartime tends to trigger drastic survival necessities that, one could say, WWII and the post-holocaustic world contributed to science and technology. Let us look at an impressive chronology of technological-scientific discoveries and inventions that opened doors to other fields, such as medicine:

Among the most prominent we have:

1922- the isolation of the hormone Insulin, used to treat diabetes.
1923 - The first Diphtheria vaccine.
1927 - First vaccine against tuberculosis and tetanus.
1928 - Discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming. 
1935 - First vaccine against Yellow Fever.
1937 - First vaccine against Typhoid.
1943 - Discovery of antibiotic Streptomycin by Selman A. Waksman.
1953 - Discovery of the DNA molecule by James Watson and Francis Crick.
1955 - First I.V. vaccine against Polio.
1962 - First oral vaccine against Polio.
To mention a few.

But in this story, the most significant was the isolation of Insulin by Drs. Banting (Medicine Nobel Prize Winner) and Best from the University of Toronto, Canada. The combination of this medical discovery, joined with Donato’s grave necessity to cure his life long pain of gastrointestinal illness, his determination for survival, that created adequate conditions for a discovery of these proportions, that even 84 after its invention, continues to be an effective treatment with international recognition. Both medical and biochemical advances come to light, more and better medication has been added to the protocol of these 3 generations of Perez Garcia doctors. We must understand that in the first phase of I.P.T.’s beginning, antibiotics where not invented yet, nor accessible in Mexico, nor proper sterilization products, as we know then today. The process of perfecting this protocol has been a long one. The evolution of “Insulin Potentiation Therapy” goes hand-to-hand with history’s medical progress, in each generation of these 3 doctors.

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