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Treatment for Rheumatism and arthritis using “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”

Someone that suffers from rheumatism or arthritis, know what it’s like to live in constant pain. Till this day, the cause for this degenerative illness is unknown; we do know that infections, genes and hormonal levels may be related. Rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, where the body attacks healthy tissues that swell articulations. It can be developed and any age, but it’s most frequent in mid-age to advanced age in women. It is very painful, progressive and affects the life quality of many people around the world.

Most common treatments include strong pharmaceuticals consisting of painkillers and anti inflammatory, but with time they tend to leave toxicity residue in the main vital organs such as liver, kidneys, that affect lymphatic drain. The body becomes accustom to the medication and may create certain resistance, needing readjustment or increased dosage.

The treatment we offer is quite different. It includes:

We offer an I.V. detox protocol…

"I.P.T. Anti-Piracy M.D. Week"

Dr.Donato’s letter of Inauguration “I.P.T. Anti-Piracy M.D. Week”

Greetings Colleagues and Medical Practitioners: Today I am launching a special campaign through LinkedIN and the Academy for IPT Facebook page, concerning an important issue that has been growing through out the last years and it's a matter of great concern to all health practitioners: Medical Piracy.
For the last 18 months I’ve come across many patients who’ve shared with me their stories of negative health and financial experiences with medical doctors allegedly trained in Insulin Potentiation Therapy or  I.P.T. / IPTLD but were never certified nor trained by me. Many patients over the world in search for hope using an alternative treatment have seek for IPT/IPTLD offered by some health practitioners and organizations calling themselves I.P.T. practitioners and trainers, but who are in fact a fraud and have no legal authority to train in “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”. This is a very serious issue and puts the patien…