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MDANDERSON ,CAPCAM Third Meeting and IPTLD® Treatment.

After my father died in November of 2000 several of his friends and collegues sent condolence emails, the one I am including is from Anthony J Mastromarino, PhD. Assitant Vicepresident for Research at MDANDERSON Houston,Tx.

Tony Mastromarino,PhD and Dr.Charles A Lemaistre both from the MDANDERSON Center were aware of the insulin treatment as my father since the year of 1966 got in touch with them and gave all the information and research he produced. This professional relation lead to the presentation of Insulin Potentiation Therapy at the 42nd Annual Conference on Cancer Research held in Houston on October of 1989 and several years later to an invitation lead by Mary Ann Richardson,MD, also from MDANDERSON to present the Best Case Series on IPT at the Third Meeting of CAPCAM, NCCAM, NIH., in Bethesda, Maryland on September 18, 2000, two months before Donato Perez Garcia Bellon,MD (1930-2000) the son of the inventor of IPT passed away on Thanksgiving day November of 2000.

Here is the …

Many people think that supplements aren't really medicine

"Many people think that supplements aren't really medicine since they don't require a prescription and they aren't listed in the drugstore's over-the-counter medication area,"

Popular herbal and dietary supplements can interact with anticancer and other medications and alter the way they work in the body, making the drugs either more or less effective, or increasing certain side effects.

"The supplement could stimulate the liver to metabolize the medication more effectively so you would end up with inappropriate low levels and risk the formation of a serious side effect," or conversely, the supplement could increase the medication effect. Neither is good."

To find out more about how the supplements you're taking interact with drugs, use: