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How does Dr. Donato Perez Garcia,MD services and Hospital stands

The opinion of the son in law of a cancer patients about the family experience of being treated in Tijuana by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia,MD. (September 2, 2010)

Comment by Donato Perez Garcia,MD IPT or IPTLD is not a product that comes in a Box and the trained IPT doctor opens and mixes it to deliver. 
 IPTLD/IPT is a service provided by a talented, trained, educated and experienced, medical doctor that requires him/her to know the principles of pre treating your body with insulin and what it does and then to know the different chemo drugs, which ones can be combined and their possible side effects.  Pre treating a patient with insulin helps to potentiate or enhance the effect of that chemo drug and this means that resistance is minimized. 
 The combination of chemo drugs I choose are based on several factors for each patient, age, sex, allergies, diet habits, exercise and activity history, among some and I choose the best ones that the pharmaceutical companies consider their best ones. Of c…

A matter of perfect timing to receive your low dose chemo with IPTLD

Visual Description of your morning IPTLD treatment with
Donato Perez Garcia,MD
in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
Mrs. Walser (from Germany) was video taped on the morning of Monday August 30, 2010 to produce small video clips that show what you will experience while under my professional care.
--- o ---
She Registers with the Cashier, leaves a deposit  and sign's the consent forms --- o ---
While Mrs Walser is registering, Nurses are getting ready to take care of her. --- o ---
Mrs Walser is taken to the out patient care room area and placed in a private room. --- o ---
The Nurse prepares all material that will be used for the administration of the IPTLD & Hyperthermia treatments. --- o ---
The patient is prepared, first body weight and vital signs --- o ---
The Nurse administers the IM medication --- o ---
The Nurse is finishing setting the IV, BP & Pulse measure & oximether --- o ---
The Hyperthermia blanket is placed and turned on up to 41 Celsius or 105.8 Fahrenheit --- o ---
The …

Timing of cancer chemotherapy is crucial for the success of treatment

Timing of cancer chemotherapy is crucial for the success of treatment

Back in the year 1980, R. North an immunologist from the Trudeau Institute in New York and colleagues were able to produce immune cycling with tumor regression by directing chemotherapy to immune suppressor cells. He also reported that if chemotherapy was given at the wrong day and earlier, it will not work, instead the tumor will grow faster and will give the impression that the tumor was resistant to the chemotherapy drug. (Science Magazine,May 2010)

While several of the IPT doctors that I have trained on Insulin Potentiation Therapy  (IPT)  and some patients who have a cancer recurrence are concerned with finding which chemotherapy drug will work best I tell them that to have a successful treatment of cancer depends on the accurate timing of delivering chemotherapy to match the fluctuation in each patient's immune system.

Not all cancer patients are cured by surgery, radiotherapy, biological therapies, alter…