Sunday, August 9, 2020


Too often have I heard theses words: “Doctor, I want it all”. In my professional experience, most cancer patients seeking Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), come to me as a last resort, after trying for many years conventional or even other alternative cancer therapies with no real results and more aggressive advanced cancer. By the time they come into my medical office, the average cancer patients has researched hundreds of hours with Dr.Google, clicking links upon links in their despair of finding their cure. They come to me with a full length detailed list of what exactly it is they want for treatment.

They say they’ve researched it all and they know exactly what’s going on with them, why other treatments didn’t work and why IPT will work for them but only if I do this, this and this.

They want low dose chemo’s with high doses of other stuff... vitamin C, Ozone, anti inflammatory cocktails, pain relievers, natural IV supplements, additional nutrients, curcuma, natural anti chemotherapy, more vitamin C on and on, they want all these substances in a single shot. Which, at first glance sounds “healthy” but this is far from reality.

More does not mean better.

“I want it all, doc” -the patient says- but I always tell them this simple example.

Let’s say you go to an organic shop and buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereals, organic meat and fish, grass fed happy cow milk, let’s say you buy natural sweeteners and a rainbow colored freshly squeezed juices and all sorts of vitamin supplements, ok? Let’s say you go home and store this in your refrigerator, until now, everything you bought is healthy and nutritious right? And then, you sit down and in a single evening you eat it all, every single organic food you bought you eat it. You could most probably die that same night.


Because dosage is everything.

Our body is a neatly sophisticated well-tuned machine that requires small dosages in high variety to function properly. The human body does not do well with excesses. That is why I always have to educate my patients in these matters, go back to basics and let them know that the medical doctor is the one in charge. Since it’s their body of course they have a saying but Dr.Google is not a certified MD practitioner that I’m aware of.

It is good that patients research and study their medical condition, but they cannot self treat or prescribe their own cancer treatments, that is my job, because in their anguish and desperation to get better, they could “end up eating the entire refrigerator” and that can be harmful even lethal. All my IPT Cancer Treatments include a low dose chemotherapy based on Onkotesting first (to determine which cancer killing drugs work best with each particular blood type) administered with IPT, I include biological medicine based on each patient’s specific needs and organ support, I use a modest dosage of ozone and immune boosters and other elements to increase vitality levels but all neatly balanced.

A resting period between treatment phases is very important. Patients say “one week with no treatments? But why?” And again I have to emphasize that you can’t pump the body with chemo and not let it rest and let the anti cancer medication do it’s job. I encourage all my patients and IPT followers to use moderation and balance in all food-medication-supplement ingestion. More does not mean better, because dosage is everything.

I little dosage of wisdom from Dr. Donato to you.

Good health to you all.

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Friday, August 7, 2020


I came upon this lovely turtle picture from my gardener. It is a female turtle named “Eva” and has lived in the family garden for decades. “Eva” is 55 years old and counting. She comes out every summer and goes to hibernation precisely every September. I saw videos of “Eva” and was amazed how slow she moved, how slow she went about her business; walking, eating fresh fruit, lettuce and fig leaves, taking long naps in the sunlight, taking shelter at dusk. She moved extremely slow and yet, she got it all done year after year, decade after decade. It got me reflecting on the wisdom of nature and the key to turtle longevity. 

Eva in extreme relaxation pose 55 years of age.

In this rapid, hight speed world, where time is money and COVID-Era pressure makes us move faster but with no real destination, “Eva’s” wisdom came to me like a drink of pure fresh water in a dry and desolated pandemic world. We could all do with a bit of “ Eva” in all of us and just take it slow. True, one cannot stop working and living, but we can change our biorhythms, and just turn it down a few degrees. We could use more quiet from media noise and just take time to observe nature’s perfect rhythm and let it sink in.

I saw in this wise turtle a life lesson worth applying to everyday life: FASTER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER, SLOWER CAN BE WISER. I believe that each person is created uniquely and we all function at different speeds. The world conditions as they are now a days, the emotional pressure of pandemic has made us in a way, speed up inwards, but in reality it should slow us down internally and really revalue everything that is truly important and find meaning in the pain and loss we are all living as a whole.

We need to sit down and eat a fig, like “ Eva” and do what we can do, what we are able to do and let go of what we cannot do. Use what you have around you to make the best life possible, one-day-at-a-time, otherwise you’ll speed up and CRACK or get burned out. We all wish these testing times are over, but we really cannot control this, we can only take the proper precautions our authorities suggest, keep healthy, physically, mentally/emotionally and GO OUT THERE AND DO THE VERY BEST WE CAN, but that’s it. 

We as individuals cannot save the world from COVID, we need to stop and just realized what is happening, slow down, help other’s in need that have it worst than we do, be compassionate, and just live through every season of life in a calm, tranquil sort of way and we might be as fortunate as “Eva” who, for the looks of it, might outlive us all with her extremely healthy lifestyle.

No worries or anxieties, just living one day at a time, one hour at a time.

Thank you “Eva” for reminding me to slow down and eat a fig every now and then.

Good health to you all.

Donato Pérez García, MD

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My prostate is swollen: how can I stop urinating at night?

What do you feel when you have an swollen prostate

Only in men is there a prostate. It is a smooth-surface gland that is part of the male genitourinary system and is the size of a walnut that grows over the years.
It is located below the bladder and surrounds the urine outlet duct called the urethra. Its function is to produce the liquid that mixes with the sperm during ejaculation.
The three main inflammatory diseases are:
1- Prostatitis
2- Benign hyperplasia
3- Cancer
The causes of each of these are different. 
Discomforts may include: Decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, rising to urinate at night or several times during the day, painful ejaculation, discomfort in the testicles, pressure or pain in the lower abdomen, pulling or pain in the groin among the most frequent.
For these inflammatory diseases of your prostate Dr. Donato Perez Garcia has a special medical treatment that is effective. Experience of more than 36 years. You begin by identifying the cause of your illness, what problems you have, and you are given medical treatment following a plan to help you resolve your illness and return you to your state of health according to your age. Because you want to continue suffering, I can help you feel good.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Since chronic PAIN is due to inflammation: Get RELIEF!

A chronic pain has an inflammatory process.

Almost all diseases undergo a local or generalized inflammatory process.

Inflammation occurs when the tissue is damaged by bacteria, toxins, trauma (bumps), tumors (cancer) and other causes that damage the tissue of one or more organs in our body. The cells of these tissues and organs release chemicals into the blood that cause inflammation.

All chronic diseases have an inflammatory process that causes different and very varied symptoms, discomfort and many are fatal if not promptly addressed. More than 50% of all deaths are due to inflammation-related diseases such as heart disease, strokes, tumors (cancer), diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, prostate disease, bone pain such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, MS and others.

For many of these chronic degenerative diseases, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia has a special medical treatment that is effective with an experience of more than 36 years. I will start by identifying the cause of your illness, what problems you have, and you are given medical treatment following a plan to help you resolve your illness and return you to your state of health according to your age. Why do you want to continue suffering, I can help you feel good.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





Monday, August 3, 2020


(Reading time: 5 minutes)

We have lived isolated and under home locked up for several weeks now. Faced with the virus threat that made its first appearance in the world and that due to the fear that the news has generated, decision makers opted for a drastic measure, which has been used in similar situations in the past. But the conditions of the current world in which almost all the countries interact with each other and people move easily, the measure taken by the experts (sitting at the comfort of their desks) didn’t contemplate the economic disaster that we are all experiencing now. Staying isolated has contributed in reducing contagion, but this has not eradicated the virus. Isolation should be more selective and effective, Identifying those infected, their close contacts in their daily and occasional recent coexistence, so that these groups can be isolated more strictly.

As of today, waking up to what we are trying to understand as our “New normality” is generating more anguish over the economic crisis than the news of the COVID-10 virus generated at the time. Throughout the world, the number of people who depend on their daily work to support their families is greater and they are all most anxious.

Probably in the short and long term, our immune system will undergo changes in the way it responds to infections. If we have been washing our hands with soap and water for several weeks or using gel with alcohol, this unusual practice of washing the skin is eliminating the normal flora of bacteria, fungi and viruses that inhabit it and act daily through the skin, stimulating different responses of our immune system and body. Diet provides the body with the nutrients that the body needs to continue building, repairing or defending ourselves against aggressive agents. Lack of exercise and consuming sugar, more than what our body needs, interfere with the proper functioning of our immune system.

When our body faces a new microorganism, it analyzes it to generate a defensive response. The coronavirus causing COVID19, has an invasive capacity superior to the defenses of our organism, especially in older people and with chronic diseases, this immune response being slower and weaker. The “New normality” includes that we are responsible and at the beginning of any discomfort symptom, such as;  headaches, sore throats, coughs, fever and general malaise, we stay home, notify the doctor and inform those who have lived with us to take care of themselves. In these months, cancer patients and patients with other chronic diseases, interrupted their treatments, they should continue with their medical treatments, taking the recommended precautions to go out and  continue maintaining a good quality of life.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





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