Friday, April 24, 2020

Cancer Can’t be quarantine

Dear friends, patients, colleagues and IPT followers:

What a ride this pandemic has been for all of us. Unfortunately, cancer has no respect for time nor can it be quarantine nor contained.
Treatments must go on. We’re continuing treatments  for all our patients and new patients that want to be treated with IPT by Dr. Donato, beginning on April 20th of 2020.

If it’s first time consultation or if you’re coming back to renew treatments, welcome!

Please review your travel plans and schedule with due time all your treatments. We totally understand the risk and we’ll respect whatever decision you make regarding travel and hospital registration. The hospital’s second floor is COVID-free and solely assigned for very specific patients, including Dr. Donato’s cancer patients.

We’re all taking proper precautions, please contact us if you have further questions.
Take care, see you soon hopefully.

Office phone number/or Whattsapp: 52+ 664-616-4878

Donato Perez Garcia, MD






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