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"Detoxification Week"

WELCOME TO “DETOXIFICATION WEEK”! A week devoted specifically to the subject of detox, where our Fans and followers can learn what detoxification is, how toxins have an affect on us, benefits of detoxification, purifying habits that we can integrate into our daily lives, IPT treatments in combination with Detox + Biological Medicine and leveraging the FREEBIE OF THE MONTH by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia’s IPT Medical Team. Join us this week, click, share and view. This week is for you.
Warning: This information does not refer to the treatment of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.
WHAT ARE TOXINS? Toxins are poisonous chemicals that can harm our body. There are exogenous toxins, which come from our external environment and endogenous toxins, which are generated by the body itself as part of its natural metabolic / physiological waste. Under good conditions, our body is naturally capable of eliminating toxins through its purifying organs, such as: kidneys, liver, lungs and lymphatic system.