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Why Not get healthier with IPT?
Introducing 3 New IPT Therapies for Chronic Fatigue, Gastric Discomfort and Immune Support, a complementary protocol based on Biological Medicine that will increase energy and vitality for a better dream-accomplishing life.
Our Immune System Support Treatments, perfectly combine the right dosage of biological medicine ampules to trigger white cell production, I.V. essential nutrients specifically designed to strengthen the lymphoid organs PLUS energy boosters for maximum immune efficiency, all administered using the protocol “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”.
Using Bio Regulatory Medicine, the balance in the digestive enzyme levels is restored to ensure well decomposition of foods, protect the stomach from excessive gastric acid secretion, reduce inflammation and reduce high levels or acidity with alkaline agents, all this in only 3 sessions.
Need More Energy? Why not give our IPT Bio-Energy Treatments a Try? Full energy I.V. Boost…

Mr. R - Patient Testimony Prostate Cancer

Mr. R - Patient Testimony Prostate Cancer
Mr. R. has stage 2 adenocarcinoma prostate cancer. He is leaning towards stage 3. He is not a candidate for surgery. Although his heart is doing well, the surgery is high risk would more than likely kill him. They would have to invert him for six hours and the doctors feel that he wouldn’t survive the surgery. If he did, they said that he would have a permanent catheter and never be able to have kids. Not much of quality of life in his opinion.
He is not a candidate for radiation therapy. They do not want to do hormone therapy as it would be very detrimental to his heart. The only remaining option is radiation for nine weeks, five days a week. And eventually stem cell transplant or blood therapy once it metastasizes. They don’t feel that if would get rid of the cancer, only slow it down. Because he is such a big man, they would have to do much more radiation than the doctors would like. His side effects would be a permanent catheter and colosto…