Thursday, September 12, 2013


Put simply, chemotherapy drugs have to get inside cancer cells to kill them. Conventionally, this is achieved by using high doses of these drugs, leading to very undesirable and sometimes even fatal side effects.

One of the little known facts about cancer cells is that they make their own insulin in order to obtain glucose-the fuel they need in large amounts as they grow and divide at an abnormally rapid rate.
We take advantage of insulin’s action. By giving cancer cells insulin, we prime the membranes to open up. Coordinating this event with the introduction of low-doses of chemotherapy, we get much more of the chemotherapy drugs inside the cancer cells to kill them, leaving healthy cells unharmed. This process allows us to avoid dangerous, undesirable dose-related side effects.

Described in technical terms, Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) manipulates the mechanisms of malignancy to therapeutic advantage by employing insulin as a biologic response modifier of cancer cells’ endogenous molecular biology. The autonomous proliferation of malignancy is supported by autocrine secretion of insulin for glucose/energy uptake by cancer cells, and a similar autocrine and/or paracrine elaboration of cellular factors to stimulate cancer growth. Amongst these, the insulin-like growth factors have been identified as the most potent mitogens for cancer cells. Of primary importance for the appreciation of IPT is the little known fact that cancer cell membranes have six time more insulin receptors and ten times more IGF receptors, per cell, than the membranes of host normal tissues. Further, insulin can effectively cross-react with and activate cancer cell IGF receptors. Thus, per cell, cancer cells have sixteen times more insulin-sensitive receptors than normal tissues. As ligand effect is a function of receptor concentration, these facts serve to differentiate cancer from normal cells –a vital consideration for the safety of cancer chemotherapy.

Because of its favorable side effect profile, cycles of low-dose chemotherapy with IPT may be done more frequently, usually once and sometimes twice a week. There is good patient acceptance of the mild adrenergic, hypoglycemic side effects of the protocol. The “rescue phenomenon” occasioned by the timely administration of hypertonic glucose actually serves to provide patients with an experiential metaphor for the rapid recovery of their well-being. It is acknowledged that cancer treatment can often be debilitating for patients. In those undergoing cancer treatment with IPT, an overall gentler experience promotes their concurrent involvement in other important elements of Comprehensive Cancer Care, which includes nutrition for immune system support, and mind-body medicine to support a healing consciousness.

-Insulin Potentiation Therapy Manual: Articles, Supportive Research and Case Studies-

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Living with cancer isn’t a sentence. It is not an end, but a beginning of a healing process. There is much you can do to recover your health and spirit. A good medical treatment, like Insulin Potentiation Targeted Therapy, is important but don’t forget that motivation of mind, heart and spirit is fundamental too. Your emotional state during your treatment plays such an important part, you can’t even imagine. It’s not enough to go in and out treatments; you have to work on yourself, your wellbeing as a complete sphere of wholeness. Once you are diagnosed with cancer, your life cannot be the same, you have to make changes, starting from what you eat, what you think, what you read, every aspect of your life will need to be modified.
Here are some tips:

 1. YOUR BUCKET LIST. - Make a list of your goals in life, projects, dreams and hopes you want for yourself. Its important that you write them on paper; dont leave them in your mind. Put it somewhere you can see every day. Knowing what you want in life is very important, knowing what makes you get out of bed every day and going to sleep knowing you are one step closer to those goals. A cancer diagnosis may change the way you look at life, and maybe what was important before, changes.

 2. EVERY DAY COUNTS. - Dont let days pass by without structure. Make little goals out of the big goals. Plan your day, include all the aspects that matter in your life: family, health, friends, learning, creativity, grocery shopping, cleaning, meditation, sports, resting, etc. Life is never just one aspect; its a grouping of elements. Make sure you identify each one and plan each day to feed those different aspects of your life.

 3. GET IT ALL OUT. - While youre recuperating from cancer, many emotions will come up. Recovering from cancer is no easy thing, another challenge will be dealing with emotions in a way you probably never felt before, such as fear, sadness, defeat, anger, etc. Its important you have an activity that helps you get these emotions out. Repressing or hiding them will only increase them.

 There are many options:

 *Writing-. Buy yourself a beautiful notebook and start your own personal journal. Write down everything, absolutely everything you are feeling, this will help you identify clearly your emotions and keep them from being bottled up in you.
*Art-. Whatever form of art you find helps portray better what you are feeling, go with that! Dont analyze too much, just go out there and do it, even if its the first time. Drawing, painting, learning to play a musical instrument, singin, photography, acting, making your own home made movies, sculpting, use your hands to let the heart speak out.
*Physical activity-. One of the main advantages of choosing Insulin Potentiation Targeted Therapy as your healing treatment is that it leaves you with plenty of energy! If you enjoy more a physical activity to get out tension or stress, go with that too! Make sure you consult Dr. Donato before starting, for your own safety. It can be something light, calming, but with movement.

 4. CHOOSE WISELY WHAT GOES INSIDE-. Take good notice of everything that goes inside of you. This includes what you read, what you watch, who you talk to, where you go, what colors you wear. Its all connected. The information we allow inside our head will inevitably affect how we feel, how we interact, it even affects our cancer treatment program. Choose spiritual nutrition, choose wisely what you watch on TV, what kind of books you read, choose what gives you energy and motivates you. Choose the company of people that will make you feel better not worse, choose places that give you hope not depress you. All of that is important to your cancer treatment.
5. FAITH AND SPIRITUAL BELIFE-. If you have a religion or spiritual belief that gives you faith and courage, hold on to that, nurture it, be more active and participant for it is also an important part of patients recovery. If you dont have one, its never late to start one.
6. VISUALLIZE WHAT YOU WANT-. Start a collage of your bucket list. It can be as big as you want. Put it in a central wall in your home, somewhere you can see it every single day. Use images that inspire you, that give you peace, that help you visualize yourself without cancer. That alone holds immense power to your recovery.

7. WHERES YOUR MOTIVATION?-. Find out what motivates you and get more out of that. It can be someone you know, the biography of some historical character, a movie, a book, a phrase, an image, a song. The list is endless. Identify what motivates you, and include that to your everyday life.
8. LAUGH!-. Find things that make you laugh. Movies, jokes, bloopers, you know whats funny. Get your daily dose of endorphins; never underestimate the power of laughter. Really!
9. FIND YOUR PURPOSE-. Every living human has a different purpose in this world. If you havent found yours, this is the moment to search for it. Life is much more than a series of obligations, its much more than just doing stuff. There are many tools out there that can help you, a lot of material you can use to discover your true self and what your mission is in this life. Its never late to begin this search, for every day is a fresh start to begin whatever you want. Dont waste it.

 May this information help nurture the other aspect of cancer recovery and treatment. The IPT Team is integrated by caring people who want to help you get thru this difficult time. Its not just about giving you a medical treatment. Dont feel alone or isolated. There is always hope, you can always choose peace.  So go out there and live!

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