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Who is the legal owner of the name IPT and IPTLD

Who is the legal owner of the name IPT and IPTLD® ?

The use of Trademarks and Patents are only to establish legal rights, specifically Copyrights to intellectual property. Medical procedures specially Insulin Potentiation Therapy IPT or IPTLD® are for the benefit of ill people who wants to take advantage of this procedure and there is no intention to profit from the Patent or the Trademark, but definitely these rights are needed to demonstrate who is the Inventor and legal owner of the procedure, because some people from some Institutions are taking advantage, and profiting from the ilegal use of the Copyrights of Donato Perez Garcia and Steven G Ayre.

Since the year 1938 my grandfather Donato Perez Garcia,MD (1896-1971) applied for a US Patent at the US Department of Commerce about his invention a medical treatment using Insulin and this US Patent was awarded on the year of 1938. (See photos below).

Another US Patent was awarded in November of  1990 to : my father,Donato Perez Garcia …