Insulin Potentiation Therapy was initially developed by my grandfather, Donato Pérez García, Sr. M.D.
IPT targets the treatment of a cell by changing the bio-physio-chemical constants and parameters of the blood. This pathway initially attacks the cancerous cell itself through its intra-cellular environment and extra-cellular environment by permeabilizing the cell membrane via insulin.

IPT is a targeted therapy for cancer and chronic disease; the power of chemotherapy is directed only to cancer cells and not a patient’s entire body. In addition, the chemo is delivered at a fraction of the normal dose. This approach eliminates or significantly reduces the dreaded side-effects of conventional chemo. IPTLD annihilates cancer cells by employing the very same mechanisms that cancer cells utilize to kill people.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

IPT has been reported to work well !,The IPTLD treatment protocol is able to sensitize human solid tumors to anticancer drugs

IPTLD treatment has been reported to work well !
The NEW IPTLD treatment protocol is able to sensitize human solid tumors to anticancer drugs. (September 2009).
Tumor microenvironment may play a key role in tumor malignancy. Hypoxia ( low oxygen) and acidity contribute to the progression from benign to malign growth. The unfavorable environment induces the selection of tumor cells able to survive in acidic and hypoxic conditions. Acidity has been shown to have a role in resistance to chemotherapy, proliferation and metastatic behavior. The extracellular pH of solid tumors is more acidic than that of normal tissues, thus impairing the uptake of chemo drugs and reducing their effect on tumors. With my NEW IPTLD protocol patients are prepared to have an alkaline and oxigenated tumor microenvironment to make more effective the chemo drugs.

Why is IPTLD needed? 

Overtime, regular chemotherapy dosages may so compromise the patient's blood counts, immune system, and organ function as to preclude further treatment or even cause organ damage resulting in the patient's death.
IPTLD eliminates the "lesser of two evils" decision all cancer patients face when diagnosed.
Patients fare well as they experience a gentle and effective treatment answer to cancer.
IPTLD treatment has been reported to work well for many different types of cancers.
There are also reports of IPTLD bringing responses and remissions to patients with very difficult cancers, even in late stages.
Of course , each patient is evaluated (type of cancer , the virulence of the individual cancer cells , and the stage of development of the cancer) when the patients comes for treatment.
IPTLD can be very tough against tumors while being very gentle on the patient who continues to live a normal vital lifestyle during treatment.
If there is a chemotherapy drug that works against a particular type of tumor, it is believed to work better with IPTLD.
The insulin employed enables the physician to direct all the chemotherapeutic agents to the cancer cells only bypassing the normal cells and thereby sparing the patient the throes of conventional high dose chemotherapy.
Therefore, only approximately 10% - 25% of the customary dosage of conventional chemotherapy is required. And as a result of this low dosage with far less toxicity, up to four different agents can be administered at each weekly treatment !
If you take care of your house and repair anything from a broken window to a damaged pie. Why not take care of your body. It is your house !. Do not wait till the last minute to repair your body.
Do you eat at once an avocado, onion, celery, pumpkin seeds, beet juice, salmon, oatmeal and nuts. NO. You prepare, choose and select the order to eat them. Most of the times we have a plan of what are we going to eat and at what time. We also know that our body has a limitation and can not digest everything that we eat even if it means all healthy foods. The same is for all supplements that have wonderful effects on our health. We must realize that taking them must be under supervision as our digestive system can not handle and absorb all of the nutrients that come in the pills. Taking supplements to fight a disease is good, most of them work better for prevention rather than to cure, so care must be put to the number taken and its contents. Can you go an open the refrigerator door to eat and drink all that it's stored at once !.

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