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April 10, 2010 marks the 66th anniversary of a Time article, dated April 10, 1944, Medicine: Insulin for Everything

Insulin: the Amazing Underestimated Medical Treatment

April 10, 2010 marks the 66th anniversary of a Time article, dated April 10, 1944,  “Medicine:  Insulin for Everything”. Eighty years and three generations of Medical Doctors have worked to bring forth an exceptional treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.  This treatment was originally known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy.  

I am living proof of the effectiveness of this phenomenal treatment.  My Stage 4 metastasized breast cancer was successfully treated by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia III, but ultimately my gratitude has to go to the man who discovered and developed the treatment, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, Sr.  This intuitive, brilliant, doctor transcended time and saw the profound possibilities of the hormone, insulin.   This innovative medical doctor, used insulin in ways that were virtually inconceivable at the time.  Yet, his many successes could not be denied.   It is speculated that he treated approximately 40,000 patients with diseases ranging from malaria to rheumatic fever as described above.

Dr. Perez Garcia, Sr. came upon uses for insulin that, at the time, and to this date, are used to effectively treat many forms of cancer in addition to numerous other chronic degenerative diseases.  Then, as today, the results are not clearly understood. Yet they have proven to be effective.  I am an example of a survivor. In addition, there are possibly hundreds of thousands who have benefited from this remarkable procedure.

Dr. Perez Garcia, Sr. passed this miraculous treatment on to his son, Dr. Perez Garcia Y Bellon II, who then passed the treatment down to his own son Dr. Donato Perez Garcia III.  Three generations of Medical Doctors, who, with the passage of time, have used advancements in medical science to change, improve and modify the therapy to treat a multitude of diseases.

I credit my survival to this amazing therapy as do untold numbers of other individuals.  I have met many people who have successfully been treated with IPTLD®.  I have listened to a variety of incredible stories; that is, patients have discussed miraculous healings about themselves and others.  They credit these successes to the third generation of IPT doctors, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia III, who continues to practice in Mexico.  This kind, caring doctor humbly credits his personal accomplishments to his family history.  While he has improved and refined the procedure he acknowledges that his successful practice could not have occurred had it not been for the ingenuity and perseverance of his father and grandfather.

The treatment, originally referred to as Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is now known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy +Targeted Low Dose® (IPTLD).
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