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Explain briefly how should be the procedures

As it is a new treatment method to us, so we are wondering how is the procedure.

So can you explain briefly how should be the procedures including: pre-checking, diagnose, treatment etc. I mean, if the patient must go to your hospital first, then meet you and have a blood test or CT or scan.........? That is to say what is the steps ? 

The reason I ask this question is that the patient is weak, so we want to know as much as information and make a better arrangement before going there.

Awaiting for your information.

(patient from China)

Here is what the procedures should be

1- Make plans for travel and confirm the date before you purchase your tickets with me or my office assistant as she knows the dates I am out of the office or out of town
2- Gather copies of relevant clinical records like: initial tests for diagnosis of the cancer, like biopsy, PET, CT ,MRI scans or xray tests. blood tests including tumor markers and the latest copies of lab works and xrays, so you …

Why Cancer should be treated as a chronic disease

Among one of the problems with cancer treatment today is that doctors and patients seek the fastest solution in the shortest time frame.
Cancer must be viewed as a chronic disease, needs long term treatment, managed care, an exercise program, adequate body rest with good sleep, dietary guidelines and water intake, daily medications and spiritual help.

If patients from the very beginning were told about this and the treatment offered also developed for this purpose, I am sure that there will be less recurrences, less complications, less depressed people, and much more stories of real long term remission or cancer free patients for the rest of their lives, not for 5 years.