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Feeling Toxic? We all need  a Detox now and then, to clean and purify our body from all the contaminants we’re constantly exposed to. When we feel intoxicated, our energy leves go down, we’re irritable, don’t eat or sleep well, thus affecting our quality of life. The IPT Medical Team of Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, offers high quality detoxification programs* for moderate, high to critical levels of intoxication, caused by toxic environmental exposure, heavy metals in the system, as a result of a chronic illness, long periods of medication intake or due to poor healthy lifestyle. The best selection of Natural and Biological Medicine combined with the “Insulin Potentiation Therapy” delivery system for maximum results, administered and supervised by Donato Perez Garcia, M.D.

Our treatments are very affordable, there are no adverse effects, no pills, plus we offer a 7-Day Detox Program to follow from home, as courtesy. Start your Detox TODAY!

Please contact our I.P.T. Medical Tea…


CAUTION: Dear patients, I received this letter on June 16th 2014, it is a serious complaint from the relative of a patient who got, so called, IPT, it’s about the dangers of going to uncertified IPT Physicians. Patient wishes to remain anonymous, all he/she said about the doctor was that he was from Germany.
"Dear Dr. Donato:I’m writing on behalf of a relative of mine, who’s been struggling with breast cancer. Knowing the toxic complications and side effects of doing conventional chemo and/or radiation, she searched for alternative treatments and came across “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”. Learning about this treatment the patient was convinced this was the correct choice. Coming across one doctor in Germany who allegedly was trained in I.P.T. accepted her as patient. Knowing she didn’t want chemotherapy or any "toxic" treatment, and putting his own financial needs at top, instead of the well being of his patient, he convinced her that doing high dose of…


Prostatitis is a very painful medical condition that affects adult men, due to prostate inflammation. The most common cause for prostatitis is due to viral or bacterial infections, there’s an acute and chronic type. The most common symptoms are pain and difficulty urinating, incontinence, painful ejaculations, genital discomfort, urgent frequency to urinate, specially during nighttime, lower back pain, discomfort and burning sensation in the pelvic area.
If not treated effectively, prostatitis can be recurrent and from being acute, may become chronic, developing complications that with time will be longer and harder to treat.
A prostatitis treatment using the method I.P.T. and Biological Medicine, offers unique benefits compared to conventional medicine. First, a fine combination of antivirals, antibiotics, antiparasitics and anti inflammatory medicines are selected, these are of natural origin that will not damage your system, potent yet gentler on you…