Thursday, July 9, 2020


Dear IPT Bloggers, aside from medical topics I wanted to write something from the heart of a healer who’s devoted half of his life helping others find their journey back to health. Over 35 years administering IPT to cancer patients, mostly, and many many other types of illness in the body, you tend to find common denominators among them, similar patterns appear in health related habits and it doesn't take long to see how the dots connect together.

We are a whole being, not just biological, not just mental but one must take in account that spark of eternity in us; OUR SOUL. Does the spiritual part have anything to do with healing of the body? In my opinion, YES, you bet. In my core values I most certainly believe in God and His part in the process of healing the body is crucial.

I’ve seen the cases of patient believers in God or higher power and patients who do not believe and there is a difference. By no means am I saying that believers heal and don't die, no, some of them do unfortunately, but I do notice that they approach their health problems and complications with more ease and in a more peaceful state of wellbeing. In my trajectory I’ve also seen how non believers turn to God in their hour of need, facing such a harsh illness as cancer, they came in as non believers and come our believers at the end of their journey.

Why? I believe that our soul needs that spiritual connection to it’s source: GOD. And something happens during an illness trial, that more than ever the soul needs comfort and assurance from something bigger than him/herself. As a medical doctor I am well aware that we cannot just     “put the soul on hold” or ignore it, that is why at the very first medical consultation I ALWAYS ASK MY PATIENTS, what is their spiritual or religious belief and I encourage them to keep tight to that faith, to pray, meditate and continue their religious practice as much as possible, to complement the medical treatment.

Emotions also play a huge part in the healing process. Medication intake and absorption to the body can be determined by the patients emotional state, I’ve seen this over the years. If a patient carries high amounts of stress or negative emotional states, it will not be the same result if a patient is in a relaxed loving state. Most of the patient’s I’ve seen through the decades, come with unsolved family issues, I’ve even heard from most of them, that they link their current illness to past unsolved emotional states towards, those unsolved family problems. I am not stating this as a fact, I’m merely sharing some of the testimonials I’ve heard in the hope that readers can learn from this and motivate them enough to take action in their own life.

I truly believe that God is the source of all good and that we can have a direct experience and connection with God through prayer, and I encourage this to all that are undergoing a medical treatment. Whatever issues are unsolved in your life, don’t just ignore them, fix and heal them if it is in your power to do so, and if not, you must learn to let it go in peace and entrust them to God, who will take care of them, but do not carry them in your soul.

We all have suffering and loss in our life, every single breathing human will experience suffering, loss or loss of health in our body, but I think it first starts in the soul, this is just my opinion that any physical illness begins in the soul and if not treated or taken of it will eventually develop in illness of the body. I cannot prove this scientifically it is a belief.

And an illness in the soul cannot be cured alone, a higher source, power, God must help us.  

If you can find that connection to God, find it.

If you don't have it, find it.

If there are unsolved issues in your soul, begin dealing with them.




Making these choices are essential in your bodily recovery.

I say this not only as a doctor, but as a believer in God.

What do you think?

I’d like to hear your feedback.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD





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