Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sugar, the carbohydrate: is it necessary to consume or avoid?

I begin by saying that carbohydrates are the natural and necessary energy that at the cellular level is required for our body to function. Without carbohydrates many functions such as the response of the immune system are not going to work properly.

When there are no carbohydrates because we decided to eliminate them completely from the diet, the body will convert fat or protein to carbohydrate and this process is not recommended especially when you have a disease such as cancer.

What you have to do is measure the amount of food that you are going to consume. You must weigh to know how many grams of food you are consuming. As an example of what we should do is serve a cereal. Most open the bag and serve the cereal on the plate and then add milk to it. Well that's not right. It is necessary to measure and follow the recommendations of measures that in the example of the cereal is a cup with a certain amount of milk. The label indicates up to the percentage of nutrients that you are going to eat and thus you will only be consuming what is recommended so as not to exceed the consumption of nutrients, including carbohydrates. You must weigh and measure everything you are going to eat during the day.

Finally, if we do not consume natural carbohydrates, many functions at the cell level will not occur and several production chains of other nutrients in our body will be interrupted. But also consuming more carbohydrates than required also causes the immune system to not react to the presence of an offending agent. I am writing about carbohydrates because they are the most harmful when consumed in excess, but the same happens with fats and proteins.

Do not forget that fruits and vegetables are harvested according to the time of the year and with this I end up recommending that you avoid consuming the same fruit 365 days, a variety of fruits and vegetables should be observed so that our body takes advantage of the nutrients of each fruit and vegetable at different times of the year. .

Being breakfast the food that for many organisms is the one that will give the energy to launch the body as with the other meals they were introduced by our mother and we just continue the habit to eat as we were taught. Not everyone should eat the same breakfast and apply to other foods. For a better orientation I recommend consulting with a Nutritionist.

This is what I usually eat for breakfast. 

Two scrambled eggs with fresh tomato spicy salsa and a spoon of pinto beans.

Glass of water, papaya with fresh lime juice and banana

To finish my breakfast, I enjoy a cup of espresso sprinkled with a little of cinnamon.

Good day.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD






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