Friday, July 24, 2020

Is using chemotherapy enough for treating cancer?

A multimodal therapy program will produce a better outcome when including IPT/IPTLD.


Since the beginning of chemo era in the mid 1950’s, there’s been new developments in cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs with fairly good results. But in modern era I see that the conventional use of chemo in a standardized dosage is pretty much the same.

Chemo drugs in beginning and until today have one main application and that is: kill cells: healthy as well as cancerous cells.


Cancer by definition is when cells reproduce in a faster growth factor than normal, developing in tumors or other carcinogenic tissues that are unhealthy and sickly.

Diminishing the amount of cancerogenic cells is considered a “cure” in traditional medicine, but in reality, through my professional experience using a multi modal approach including insulin potentiation therapy can be effectively to put into remission (considered a cure) my patient, but it requires a long term management plan with diet, medications, supplements and lifestyle modifications. Patients with cancer (even in remission states) will need to continue a regimen of clinical tests and imaging, as well as healthy lifestyle and care, for the rest of their lives. I emphasize for the rest of their lives. The sooner they can accept this, the sooner they can move on. Too often have I seen a few of patients of mine, who, once achieved remission, go back to their homes and never continue their follow up check-up’s and sadly they return with a more advanced cancer stage.


Now a day’s there’s a larger variety of chemo agents that can be combined based on the result of a blood chemosensitivity test, to use from the beginning the agents that will work 100% against the specific type of cancer.  This ensures the protocol I select to administer to you during my insulin potentiation therapy protocol will produce the best possible outcome.

 In my area of expertise in this treatment alternative for cancer using my grandfather’s protocol Insulin Potentiation Therapy or just plain IPT©, I developed new adjustments and gave it a new approach, specifically to cancer called IPT-Low Dose. It is my professional point of view, that chemo alone isn’t enough. We need to give the body a boost and reinforce immune support. Every cancer is different, there is no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL treatment and it is important to make a full thorough evaluation and comparative clinical studies to see what the most damaged areas are caused by cancer. For some patients it can be acute pain due to swelling, to which I would recommend a lymphatic bio regulatory drainage protocol. Other’s may present high toxicity liver levels to which a full I.V. detox protocol could be well combined aside from chemotherapy. Other patients are good candidates to use natural chemotherapeutic extracts such as curcuma and other biological agents that can improve energy levels, etc.


All IPTLD® therapies that I administer are combined with natural bio regulatory components that are non-toxic and are not contraindicated with chemo drugs. I also like to use High-Dose Vitamin C-drips and alkaline agents such as ozone, oxygen infused IV’s with nutrients and specific organ support ampules, depending on each patient’s needs. The human body is an extraordinary well-tuned and well-balanced system that requires above all: Equilibrium.


I often hear from many of my patient’s: “Oh, we can also add this, you should add that substance, or this nutrient or a whole bunch of this other natural stuff...” but I always tell them, you can’t overload your system, because too much of anything, even if it’s “good stuff” can damage you or even kill you if you overload it. It’s all about balance. That is why, it takes a good physician to bring together the best treatment program combining chemotherapy and other alternative therapies so one doesn’t damage the other. I’ve found that Heel Products work very well, and I include them as part of all IPTLD® protocols and the results have been very good. Aside from diet which, as a huge follower of Hippocrates, will tell all my patients that food can also be medicine, if consumed in the right amounts and combinations, a healthy life style that includes, movement and exercise, good sleep, cleansing and natural detoxification, a healthy sex life is also important as well as laughter and enjoyment, we give the patient a better opportunity to overcome cancer or any other chronic degenerative disease. Like I said, it’s all about helping your body find its own equilibrium and feeling happy while on the journey back to health.


Maintaining a good quality of life during chemotherapy, to me is equally as important as achieving remission. IPT© is not a “miracle therapy” it does take patience and hard work, but it is achievable in my extensive experience.


Donato Perez Garcia, MD





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