Tuesday, July 7, 2020

My opinion and comment on COVID-19 disease and coronavirus

The disease is real, if it exists it is called COVID-19 and the cause is coronavirus
The virus that causes it affects all age groups in women and men. As it has been a disease with different symptoms, the information that we have has been changing. This information will continue to change over the months because it is learning day by day of its behavior in humans. There is still no medicine that is indicated to treat it. Doctors have used different medications to improve the clinical conditions of the patient and day by day they will continue to use the medications that have had a good response in most patients and with this information you can choose the medication that works best for when you have the disease. The vaccine when available will serve to prevent the appearance of COVID-19 in the vast majority of the population.

There is a lot of serious information about the virus and the disease, but there are more myths and rumors.
I share my opinion and it focuses on:
1. Protect yourself by covering your eyes, nose and mouth. Wear a face mask.
2. If you feel sick with fever, dry cough, tiredness, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, among others, stay at home, notify your family and doctor so that you do not continue to spread it. Let us act responsibly, by staying isolated at home we will help not to continue spreading the disease.
3. Sleep and eat well, let your doctor know, do not trust Dr. Google's opinions very much nor Dr. Yahoo's, both of them really do not have the training or the Medical Diploma and since they do not have conscience and feelings They can give you a lot of false information. Do not self-medicate.
4. From the beginning, tell your doctor who should guide you how to take care of yourself and if you require hospital care, they will also give you the information.
5. If you suddenly have trouble breathing with chest pain or pressure you have to go to a Hospital quickly.
Do not consume what you should not take for fear, do not dress with all the equipment for fear, live naturally, take care of yourself and protect yourself. If your life is already controlled by the fear of panic that has infiltrated our lives in recent months, remember that stress weakens your body and your immune system. Act responsibly.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD






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