Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Did you know ...? Our diet. Which one is the best?

With so many opinions and suggestions on diet programs, how to get started and make a decision on which diet to follow.
Our body requires consuming proportional and balanced amounts of Proteins, Fat and Carbohydrates to maintain good functioning.
The consumption of these nutrients should be adjusted if you do not have disease problems and if you exercise. The doctor is the one who tells you when you feel bad what health problem you have. To find out what diet you should follow, talk to your doctor and a nutrition expert who will help you prepare your daily eating plan.
Many professionals are based on scientific studies that are financed or sponsored because the one who does the study seeks to achieve some objective, religious, political or economic, so it can be said that the truth does not exist, everything is interpretation.
Current medicine, now often called "evidence-based medicine" only addresses the problem, but little is done to prevent it.
We are all afraid of making a bad decision. This is why people are looking for "methods" to help them overcome a challenge to feel better.
Since we have more information about the excesses of consuming fat and sugar, the opinions of experts guide us not to fall into excesses, but they do not resolve the underlying problem.
I do recommend consuming amounts based on body characteristics, health status, and the goal of following an eating program that consumes protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
Consuming sugar is not harmful to health, what is harmful is not knowing how much sugar or carbohydrates to consume.
For a feeding program, diet, to work, you have to use: scale, cup and measuring spoons to weigh quantities.
Carbohydrates are required by the cell to function, but it only requires a small amount per day.
In our daily eating plan we must start by selecting what we can eat, what quantity and combination, at what times and what volume of liquid to drink per day.
Processed foods that are made by mixing fat and sugar (natural or derived) should be avoided. Sugar substitutes should only be taken on the specific indication of your doctor for a health problem. Consuming these sugar substitutes is not healthy. Better calculate that in one day your sugar intake should not exceed 6 teaspoons (5ml spoon) where all the foods you are going to eat are included and taking this into account, you will see that you will not need to add sugar to your food because the consumption of fruit and vegetables already gives you the carbohydrates that your body requires.
Remember the consumption of sugar is not harmful, what is bad for health is the amount that is consumed. For this reason, it is recommended that your diet be based on measuring the amount of food that you are going to consume. In the case of tumors (cancer), you must consume natural carbohydrates because these are the fuel that your defenses, the white blood cells, need to function. If you stop consuming carbohydrates your white blood cells will be inactive. Curiously, if you consume a lot of carbohydrates, your defenses, white blood cells, will not be activated to respond and defend, so the best diet begins by measuring what you eat and must include protein, fat and carbohydrates of natural origin.
You can send reports of your studies to info@iptldmd.com so that I can review them and give you my initial opinion at no cost.

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